Extremely grateful

How would I put this without making it look offensive? Umm... thank you to those who volunteered to stay behind at the library, in the middle of afternoon drivetime, and wait patiently to have everything fixed up and organized. To (in alphabetical order) Ariane, Clarence, Jana, Kizia, Marcia, Martin, Sars and Lynne, thank you for the time and the moral support throughout the time I was waiting at the circulation section waiting for things to be copied.

Well, that's the entire post, actually. Since I've stretched out my legs in hurting, and went around the third floor thrice - I think I'd help the guys that are helping me out right now. I've got to learn to be grateful, for once.

And look - it's almost six in the evening. I am "scared" of the dark, actually. (Well, not really. But I gotta go home now. Really.) I better creep out before the boogeyman gets me.

Uhh, right.

And your responses...

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