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I went home with Tracy today, since she is finally getting a mobile phone (but you must have known that by now). Like with everybody else, we've talked about too many things that you wouldn't see me talk about under the usual circumstances.

Anyway, I dragged myself to school today - the first class began at 08.10, and before I realized it we almost went to the wrong room again. Keeping in mind the trauma the class has incurred as we misperformed on our first PE class under Professor Ronda, Derek and I rushed to Joseph Hall and realized that only half the class was in the wrong room - and it was my half. Thankfully, however, our lab instructor, Professor Pangilinan, was really understanding of our strife (considering we got moved again, our EAFs failed us again, and the room we were supposed to be in didn't exist for the students but for the construction workers), and we went on like nothing happened. As Tracy would later pinpoint, our half - the English class under Professor Gonzalo - was lucky on the faculty, while their half - under Professor Gocheco last term - was lucky on locations, getting to travel to more places for classes. How lucky - but I'm happy with what I have.

Our Chemistry lecture teacher (earlier it was Chemistry lab class), Professor Punzalan (err, Doctor Punzalan), is someone that would probably nmake chemistry a lot more interesting for me. Or maybe it could be the way the department has tailor-made the class for us CLA students. I saw Ariane go, "I like this teacher," and I found myself agreeing.

Sadly, however, our new English teacher (simply said, English 2 from now on) didn't show up, and, for the first time in a long time, we were faced with a situation like in Politics class last term where we were waiting for the thirty-minute bell to strike. Again, Derek and I rushed out to look for answers, despite some of the class asking us not to push through with our plans. It turns out Professor Escalana - if our EAFS haven't ganged up against us again - hasn't shown up at the time, and we ended up having a two-hour plus break (and to think me and Ian rushed lunch to get in time).

And, finally, Philosophy class - it was enjoyable and intriguing at the same time, although Professor Lualhati had to dismiss us early because he had the colds. Well, I couldn't react happily or otherwise.

Weirdly today, it's the first time that I felt comfortable with every classmate of mine today. Aside from the usual banter with Lau and Jill, there was the passing around of my MP3 player from one person to the another. At least, I thought, I would be appreciated for a lot of things - Huey liking my tunes, Les getting crazy over Gavin DeGraw, and Jill bashing Hilary Duff again (but not after singing Come Clean when it rained). And, yes, my too-extended intimidation with Cuyeg's group (again?) went poof after the other guy - Nico - sat beside me during Philosophy class. I couldn't explain why I felt bad about him, but now? I end up laughing - and he got my MP3 player as well.

And then it ends, with me and Tracy talking about a lot more things than usual. I never saw myself being told some secrets (and I never saw myself do the same), but now, upon thinking on it, I see it as some improvement. Now, at least, they see me as more of a reminders guy. Finally. If it would ever improve on the other end - let's see within the week.

Especially on payday. Haha. Again, I'm not making a lot of sense - and I shouldn't apologize for it now - and I wouldn't apologize for it now. Nothing's probably hold me back - unless I get timid again, probably.

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