I don't need this pressure on

I was in a bad mood today, but it seems every time that I write them all down in my blog the computer either acts up or the connection vanishes. In the end, I forgot what I was supposed to write - and I got it all off before I got to tell you guys about it. So, you've basically lost a pretty sad post - and got a rinky-dinky one in return.

First, I was surprised Dian left DLSU. It seemed I was just talking about shifting courses in a previous entry, then here she is shifting colleges. The last time I saw her I wasn't with her when I was supposed to; then, she's... gone. So fast. I can't help but miss her - and our political discussions.

Second, I got involved with the large birthday card Ale's friends whipped up (err, bought) for her birthday. That's all the involvement I did - writing, keeping, and alerting Malia that the recipient has arrived. And, yes, I didn't eat the chocolate mousse. Like before, nahiya ako - and I didn't even know (like I would get some). So, happy birthday. That's all I would actually say (unlike during Ian's birthday).

Third, Ariane and Derek... I don't know why I didn't get between you two. It's my fault anyway.

Fourth, we finally miss Professor Escalana from English 2. Nice teacher, but it feels we'll be squeezed a bit more. My only consolation is me seating beside the people I enjoyed sitting beside with the most - Ariane and Kizia. Haha. This shouldn't be hard.

Finally... we won against Ateneo. We won! Finally, I felt that Animo energy flowing in my still swollen veins.

Well, that's it. Someone behind me is screaming frantically, Coldplay is streaming on the radio, and I don't think I can get home safely. I think I should go home, send Ale another text message (and put my sanity on the line), read a lot more books, and get ready for tomorrow. Nothing should get in the way of me linking up with everyone, I figured.

Well, not that texting thing.

And your responses...

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