I finally love this game

I was too stupid today to realize the DLSU-Ateneo game was first up this afternoon. I slept at around 13.30 - the same time the game was about to start - and I woke up in the middle of the third quarter. I was jolted by Rico Maierhofer's dunking, and I realized the game was this close.

Well, it wasn't. As I slept the bluebacks were ahead by around three points (if I got it right), and the moment I came in we suddenly surged, with that spectacular performance - not to forget the defense - from our players. Well, the ending is pretty obvious, right?

Yeah, yeah - we won, stopping the LA Tenorio show in its tracks (prematurely, of course, since he's got cramps), and will face the FEU Tamaraws within the week. And the only thing is, I can't wait for the class suspension.

This is the only time I got interested in the UAAP, after my cousin from CSB kept on prodding me to watch the Final Four games at our grandma's home. After the (invisible) pressure to watch the games, with the many conversations among Huey, Icka and probably a lot others about the games whcih practically leave me clueless, I finally began to watch. And it was amazing.

Now that I'm not that much of a loser regarding the games, I can finally start those little conversations. But wait - I barely watch basketball on the telly. But never mind that - at least I can finally relate on something else.

As I tried to grasp the possibility of a holiday if and only if the Green Archers win, I can't help but finally grin and feel the Animo spirit, four months after we were introduced to it and got intimidated by its sheer size. I remembered the phrase the upperclassmen were pushing around when our game was ridiculously down (and I'd like to give credit to Ale for posting this thing on her blog):

Pump up the Animo and keep the faith.

We got there. Now it's time to give it one more notch.

And your responses...

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