I predict a riot

It went all weird today. I was using an apron for a lab gown, Ira came in to school today for only the second time this year, and I ended up sitting at the back rows for Philospohy class. Obviously something's up, I presume?

Well, maybe. It's a Tuesday, after all.

Today, after we did our lab experiment pretty slowly (but, as they say, accuracy is the best policy) I slowly crept out to my other classes, with Chemistry class going on as usual, English 2 class slowly manifesting its overwhelming remit, and Philosophy class seeming weird because I ended up sitting at the back. Mary, suddenly famous for flashing two fingers every time she either comes in late or gets caught in a weird and funny situation, noticed my new position and can't help but be surprised. Of course - I love sitting in the second row, with Jason and Ariane beside me (usually) and a lot of other people in front.

After finally buying my lab gown (since I wanted to look a little bit like a doctor, like Kaymee had, and almost everybody else with glasses instead of lab goggles), I set off on another thought-provoking ride. I remember reading Kizia's blog (again) and suddenly had a big philosophical question.

How do you define happiness?

Well, that wasn't her question, but upon realizing she's talking about the same things for the past few posts I began to think if I was actually happy with the current set-up. Let's face it - this term isn't like the last one. Also, despite the pretty quick adjustments I've had (especially when it comes to, erm, Cuyeg's group) I still end up sitting in a corner thinking if I've done those things correctly.

But wait - this isn't what I'm supposed to do right? Just sit there and appreciate, I guess. Besides, Kizia probably's got an entirely different problem than mine - one which I wouldn't try to meddle in anymore, despite my caring too much about people. (I suddenly remembered what I told Clarence a long time ago. Anyway...)

And this line is finally coming into good use - this is one of those times when you just feel so powerless, you just can't do anything about it. As much as you want to help, something's holding you back. (Admittedly, I first thought of this line during the final Dance-a-Parable rehearsals. That's a long story I wouldn't talk about.)

Again, she's giving me thoughts that lead to a much deeper understanding of myself. Or, I could be hungry. But - I'll take the first option.

And your responses...

hhmmm.....ang lalim... n_n

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