The indeterminate boundless

Yesterday I was surprised when Jino decided to chat with me. We never catch each other whenever I am online, and the only time I decided to chat with him - to greet him after I learned of his condition - he suddenly logged out. (Coincidentally, I wish.) He was asking me about today's homework for English 2 class, and at the back of my head I was thinking, this must all be a joke - after all, he isn't due to be back until the start of the next term. That's what all of us knew. So, when I told Icka about it, she said she was also asked the same things, and we began to speculate. Next week, probably - next week - he'll be back. That's what he said as well.

Turns out we were dead wrong. I went to the benches beside the library and saw Jino with Tracy. He is back, I thought - and it was so fast. He's been afflicted with a really rare viral infection that affects, according to him, around one in three million. (As Kizia wrote in her blog, imagine, he was the one!) It was a big sigh of relief for all of us to see him back in class (despite our worries that he might have been dropped from the subjects). Think about this: Icka hugged him the moment he entered the room. Ariane screamed the way other people do. Malia screamed as well. But, most memorably, Clarence got so excited she did a combination of the two - and even cried. In other words, she got so hyperactive to the point that we were expecting the others to do the same. Toni, on the other hand, did the complete opposite - and got speechless. She went blank, processed (as they put it), and laughed.

We definitely missed a big part of the block: some comic relief was, in fact, needed after the harrowing stuff we've been thrown through the much more overwhelming lessons, requirements and stuff. Upon his arrival all of us were surrounding him, either laughing at him or, in Clarence's case, hugging him (so did Ariane and Malia). Simply put, he's much missed (like I haven't said that before). Well despite the drying-up of the hype, he was still being surrounded, this time by his immediate group of friends, like there was no tomorrow.

That is (obviously) the biggest thing of the day. Besides that, I almost lost Lau's bracelet (this is hard to explain, especially when the people around her began to somehow cheer), and I got interested in Philosophy class, despite everyone seeming sleepy. (But, I have to admit, it was a little bit sleepy, yet the discussions were interesting enough to keep me from dozing off.)

As a crowd cheers (and jeers) at the Central Plaza, as the Green Archers and Tamaraws face-off for the third time this year - this time for the crown - I'm going home with the feeling that, for once, hope is evident in an otherwise unaccomodating world. (Especially when I think of what I thought I did today. Apparently eye contact isn't good at all times. But, the heck with it - I'll just laugh it off.) It's hope that things will get a bit better (without saying that this is worse), hope that we'll get through the term safe, sane and sound, and - yes - that there will be no classes within the week. In short, I wish we win the series.

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