I've unwritten something far more insignificant

Within the last twelve days I've posted an entry without any misses. Now that the marathon is to close, since tomorrow we'd be so busy we'd not have time for anything, I'm stumped as to what to write.

Nothing much really happened, since I decided not to take the Algebra "challenge" (or should I say "promo") Professor Hernandez posed upon us. There are additional points on the line, yes, but I won't take the gamble even if nothing will get lost if I get it wrong. Yes, I am so lazy now I don't think I've got any time to fix up.

For some particular reason I almost had a bad day today. (Same old thing - I would then say I didn't really have a bad one since I almost exaggerated something. But, I bet, that's what I'll do later on.) I came to school a little bit later, and at the back of my head I thought I would be late for class today - I didn't obviously want to, since I've never missed a thing in my entire college life. Good thing I wasn't, although I did come in huffing from rushing (despite the fact that I have around twenty or so minutes left).

Algebra class, like the usual, was a bit funny, and was even extraordinarily paced like a game show. We went rushing around. I don't really know why we had to be caught up in the fact that we were encouraged to go slow (err, be careful). I don't know what to feel after all of the rush.

Good thing Rizal class was there to calm me down, with another discussion in hand, and us trying to translate everything in Filipino. It was fun, the way we tried to make things work, especially when it seems we have forgotten every trace of our language lessons and our readings.

So, we totally misunderstood each other again?

So, till then, since tomorrow's our CWTS exposure trip, I'll go home and sleep early (and try to figure out what lunch to bring me and my partner). And, I'm still studying (whatever it is about, I don't know). Before I leave, however, I'll greet Jackie a happy birthday (even if a lot others already have, and it isn't much of a big deal now, probably). I wonder how you'll spend it tomorrow?

And, to another person: I wonder if we're still friends, or if it's gone worse. If you've got an answer, please do. Thanks, then.

And your responses...

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