Nothing much, depending on how you see it

After having (almost) too much sadness yesterday came (exactly) too much fun today. Why does it always happen to me - just when it almost goes down something gets me up?

That, considering I didn't get much sleep last night - it was raining hard and the water level actuslly rose to about a few centimeters near our doorstep. My parents woke me up and I had to help lift up the books in the lower shelves. I just had around forty-five minutes of sleep back then - and, although I slept around half an hour later (I must've worked pretty fast), I feel like I didn't get much out of it.

That, considering (as well) that I rushed around school getting the xeroxed copies of our readings for Rizal class - I was asking everyone last night, and this morning I almost got my plans ruined until I realized the importance of keeping your options open. So, I ended up getting a copy from Les (which was taken with Baba's) and got another copy from Joy for Kizia. How complicated was that? I know, it was pretty confusing from the start.

But, after four days of frustration (and the occasional unresponsive technology blast), I felt I finally got everything right. I finally made some sense out of International Studies class, with me finally getting to recite (just when I felt it) and giving out what I thought was a satisfactory response. (Well, it wasn't like Jaja's last Wednesday, but I think that's a different case.) It could have been also because of Algebra class - it was surprisingly funny, with the birth of two unlikely "groups" when Professor Hernandez was trying to remember each and every one of us (think of Huey, Loui and Dhi - a similarity to Donald Duck's nephews - and the freakishly funny Jess-Toni thing). I don't know - it did perk me up on an otherwise drab afternoon. And, yes, that recitation for Rizal class - I shouldn't explain further to prevent offending some (unless you want it that way - do you want it that way?).

Everything else, however, was all the same - me spending mornings with my blockmates at Z2, passing by Cybernook for the usual surfing, then classes for three-plus straight hours splattered with me either surprising Mary or chatting with suddenly common seatmate Ariane or my usual stabs (err, was that politically correct?) against Icka. Well, it's become routinary - and I'm liking it. I know - I'm finally readjusting!

Well, then, since there isn't really much to say without making a compromise against myself, I'll leave it as it is. I'll still go to school tomorrow - for CWTS - and I've got to see the few members of the block taking ROTC. One thing: good luck to every one of them.

Oh, and I can't help but feel sorry for Jino. It's really sad to heear that happen to him in such a time. Although I still don't get the actual reason, I'll wish him the best of health, and - speaking for the block - I'll see you next term.

Sadly, he's been deblocked like Les, probably.

And your responses...

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