Persistent indifferences

I've got a little question for myself (and you're free to answer this thing if you want). How come I always blurt out something - just something - about my current feelings towards the day? Not just that, I always end up thinking I did a very stupid decision from out of the blue. Just today, I think I blurted out something about something I resolved for myself that I'll forget and keep under. Then, today, I just did.

If there's one thing I really hate, it's being caught red-handed. I've kept too many secrets, probably, but when people catch me (even if it is just for themselves) I immediately blush up and switch to panic mode. I don't really know - do I really want to let go or not?

Well, today, as I slowly realize the consequences of overworking my mouth and my thoughts, I resolve (again) that I'd stop talking unless I really have to (or if they are talking to me). I don't want to sound so stupid - or like someone who's holding a grudge. I repeat: I am not holding a grudge on anyone.

Well, there it went. Another one of my statements from out of the blue that could mean everything on someone. And there went another one.

And your responses...

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