Ridiculously confused

Suddenly I got extremely confused with LEAP day on 11 October. I have enrolled for a session because TeamComm is sponsoring it, and I've suddenly become interested in cable channels. Never mind the second fact, but suddenly I thought if I did the right decision since I saw that we might be required by a professor to do something. Certificates will be given out. I can't pull out either. Now I don't know if I made the right decision.

Oh well, it seems I can make a huge mistake sometimes. I only wish nothing else pops up within the next three days. (But then again, it could be beneficial. And, of course, we're still freshmen. And, also, this is an alternative class, whatever it means now.)

For now, at least, all that I'll do is wish that Ian does arrive in school today. I don't want to work alone for a crucial step in our English 2 paper. I did it alone yesterday, and I haven't got any contact details of his. Suddenly I'm worried.

But there's no need for any, right? I mean, I might be exaggerating this thing again.

And your responses...

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