"Setting aside the interesting 'special mentions' you do..."

I still don't get it. Why am I so bored this week?

Within the past twenty-four hours I've been doing nothing but stare at the computer monitor. Although I like using the PC so much (this explains this blog getting updated very frequently), right now I'm thinking about the other things to do.

I've been chatting with a few people, yes, but the conversations have been going nowhere, because there's nothing to talk about. Yesterday afternoon, I talked with Lau - which is rare provided that I've been somehow staying away from their group in recent weeks - and our conversation jumped topics too many times. (Here's me laughing like crazy again.) Think about it - we went from Rock Star: INXS (and the unlikely elimination of Ty) to Pinoy Big Brother (because I'm looking for someone else who's watching it, because I don't want to feel loike I'm the only one with the guts to actually watch it daily) to the apparent posts by Mystica (see my previous post)...

...and, yes, to the same old topic, which is boredom. Basically, I got so bored one time I spent the whole afternoon thinking about my blockmates, and how much fun they must have been getting compared to idle old me. Yes, Icka isn't pushing through to Singapore yet, and Jaja has endured the nine-hour trip to Tuguegarao (I just can't text her, fearing I'll disturb her time with her family, but I am bored; still I understand), and I am stuck in Cavite doing nothing. I remember asking Lau (and you guys, although you probably didn't get it) this question, referring to, as usual, Ale:
batallones_henrik_19: naisip ko lang'
batallones_henrik_19: ilang beses na kayang nakagat dila niya no?
batallones_henrik_19: tapos kapag nagisip ng number
batallones_henrik_19: either 8 or 14
batallones_henrik_19: haha
lmontino_ash98: wats with 8 or 14?
lmontino_ash98: hehe
batallones_henrik_19: kasi...
batallones_henrik_19: henrik o niko...
batallones_henrik_19: 8 o 14...
batallones_henrik_19: haha
lmontino_ash98: aaaaah
lmontino_ash98: hahahaa
batallones_henrik_19: ang weird talaga
batallones_henrik_19: kung ano ano na lang iniisip ko
I have to admit there are still a few leftovers, but that's what the idle mind does. I've been with a lot more blockmates that before, and the lack of their presence enables me to fall back on the ones that made a big dent (err, imprint) on my head, like... her. (Wait, should I be talking about this? Hell no!)

Speaking of Jaja (obviously trying to switch topics to prevent a bad hangover), I finally saw her blog and blushed when I saw another glowing review (and a branch-off) of my famous but now-disappeared post a few days ago. Everyone I've seen has told me about it, from the multitude of shoutouts to the personal messages (like Huey telling me the same thing). Suddenly I felt so influential (but it isn't supposed to be).

Yes, Jaja, I know that you won't eat me. I just got intimidated during LPEP, when we were forced to introduce each other round-robin style. Remember the hyperactive me back then? Well, I haven't changed.

However, despite my not having a correct idea on how to be happy during the term break, I don't want to go to school yet. We have around a week more to spend before we go back to classes and act like froshies again. It'll all be the same; teacher introduces himself (or herself), we introduce ourselves (or we give index cards - I should get some right now), we get the syllabus, and we rush around looking for the textbooks that we need. Ahh, we'll be running around like crazy again. I don't know if I'll ever get used to it, but probably I will.

Should I give out more thank you's now? Maybe not, because I'll look like a copycat, even though I actually started it all. Well, not really, but that's how I comfort myself.

And, yes, I do hate math and chemistry. At least now I know I think alike with a few other people.

And your responses...

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