There's distance even if they're beside you

Just when everything seems to make sense, it crumbles down and doesn't. Today was the first day that dragged very badly for me. If you've seen my previous post this afternoon, then you'll probably understand what I mean.

But I'm okay now. Trust me. Not after hitting badly on the practical test and service practice in PE - I technically suck at volleyball - and having my head hurt with a bombardment of stuff for almost every subject. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, actually, since it seems I'm getting tired of it all.

Why now, when it almost seems all better? Tell me, is it because right now it just doesn't make any sense?

Not that I'm sad again or anything, but I'll ask you again. Please feel free to comment on this entry. What do you think about me, now that we're two terms in? I don't know - I just need some more comforting, maybe. Now that I'm not sure about anything else anymore. Even I couldn't feel close with my closest friends. I feel alone again.

Distant - that's the word.

And your responses...

ok ka naman e. you just have to control your behavior nga lang minsan coz you get too excited on things.

you know, you paint your own world. it's up to you what colors you will put in your world. it's up to you if you'll remain sad. i mean if you're sad why not do something about it.

life's like that niko, your life depends on how you handle it.

other people wont be able to help you on this. i guess you have to find the answer to yourself. i mean why do you feel alone or distant even to your closest friends. you have to ask it to yourself, not to us.

so i'll just wish you a good luck.

did you get me? hahha or am i not making sense at all? :P

Blogger beloved angel9/26/2005     

With all due respect, must you make an issue out of everything? You just had a bad day. Everyone goes through one. Deal with it. You'll feel a lot better when you just take things as they are.

Anonymous Anonymous9/27/2005     

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