Two points, two seconds and too much excitement

Indeed, Jino is back - in fact, I had Icka take a photo of him and have uploaded just that. Just to prove that he's back, flabby muscles and all. He'll be ready to chase us next week with his fistfuls.

Yeah, Jino's back. Icka took this thing from her snazzy phone. Image hosted by Photobucket

Oh, and sadly, we lost against FEU by a mesaly two points. Two points! More surprisingly, a commotion happened between the two teams. Although details are still unsure, since I never got to watch, I can say it is an embarassing thing to do. I can't believe it. Now we have them going against us.

Two points still is enough to tip the boat, it seems.

Next Sunday, we must double our prayers and our support, or else we won't have a day off our classes. But, I thought, that isn't our only motivation this time. Whatever that is, it's time to keep it a bit higher.

Wow, is this me? Interested in the UAAP so suddenly?

Yeah, it is me.

And your responses...

Change the picture nico!
ang panget ko dyan! wahahahahahahaha.. hanap ka naman kung saan medyo maganda ang mukha ko. ahihihihihi

Anonymous Anonymous9/30/2005     

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