Well, do you wanna?

My biggest mistake so far is not realizing there is a seminar on radio presentation on LEAP. I just read the email now and I realized I almost made a stupid decision, but I didn't. Besides, there's nothing much wrong with the seminar I took. Yes, it's that one on ETC (specifically, local cable channels) since I'm freakishly curious about how they go about.

The best way to think about it now is this: it wasn't a mistake. It is an opportunity (except for seeing that Sam girl, which isn't really that exciting provided our cable service removed ETC from our listings just when I was liking it).

Despite the fact that it's only me who considered attending that (because it's a big impulsive decision), I'm a bit okay since I know a few other TeamComm members are pitching in. Besides, they're in charge, so I'll be a bit comfortable even if it all seems like a rating-follower's class. (Not really.)

Ian came to school today, and I did get the work done, even if it doesn't feel enough. That's normal for me anyway, and I still widh we get this English 2 paper done, even if it's still around ten weeks away. Everyone doesn't seem to like it, take note. Also, only I came to the general assembly (of TeamComm, again) for the block, and I now take over the role of potential organization officer. That, by the way, is a running joke. Our notiriety for filling less than a classroom is back in swing.

Aside from that, nothing much. In short, maybe I had a pretty good day because I haven't got something to make a big fuss about. (In short, I got Icka's remark.) It's become pretty perfunctory for me - there doesn't seem to be anything new. What used to be amazing is now normal. Except, of course, for a few other things (like Les having a limp and me having enough moral support to not freak out).

No fuss, guys. It's cool.

And your responses...

Told ya :P

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