You're beyond help, I'm afraid

It's one of those times again - those times when I do not have any idea on what to write. Actually, I have some, but I don't know which one of those ideas would I elaborate on. Should I write about the latest political developments, and talk about my every disappointment on the actions my school has taken? Should I write about my boredom once again, and continuously blab about every television show I have watched, from Art Attack to The Kumars at No 42? How about the conversations I had with my blockmates - you know, the ones that would seem senseless at first glance but would convey everything once you look deeper - once again? Or the nine days the people at the area as large as Great Britain went through as hurricane Katrina ravaged? (I actually considered calling this post Bad Katrina but realized I could be giving an unintendedly offensive special mention to Kaymee.)

In the end, however, I decided to talk about everything since, well, I'm bored.

Yesterday, I talked to Lau again. I realized I was doing a lot of catching up with her after the few weeks I was staying away. I don't know - since July (that would be the only best noun I could use) I got intimidated at their group, even if I saw myself talking to Les, Caresse and Kaymee more. Well, at least I knew we shared the same sentiments - we are dead bored but we don't want to go back to school despite the fact that we miss every blockmate. The day before that, I talked to Isah - which is also rare considering that we don't really talk that much, despite our connections - and our chat almost went nowhere; then again, it did ram the point home. It's been pretty stagnant in the past few weeks.

The day before that day, I talked to Les because I got concerned about her staring at her phone for too long. (She almost pleaded that case when we chatted.) I found myself being given (unintendedly) some advice - it felt every inch like Sunday Surgery (now you know what I'm talking about), since it got a litle bit serious (I think). Those words are still stuck in my head: study hard, but party harder, considering I thought I didn't have much of a social life because I'm much of a homebody unlike everyone else. Seriously speaking, that's one of the reasons why I got so intimidated with every one of you guys. I mean - I found all of you so inaccessible.
But, as usual, the conversations, however freaky it may have seemed to me, made my otherwise boring day. The only people I haven't texted, probably, among those I considered texting are Caresse, Baba, Ira... and pretty much everyone else. It seems I haven't mustered much courage yet.

One thing broke that boredom streak, however - my MP3 player is back in service. Now I spend almost every day (and every night) listening to the thousand-plus songs I have loaded. (It took me six hours to load each and everyone. My PC is so old, it seems.) I read the claim details, and I suddenly felt guilty: there was a scribble in some corner pinpointing that there were a lot of scratches around the unit. Now I can't just listen to it because I'm fearful of destroying it again. In the end, weirdly, I get bored.

The other thing I've been doing recently is watch a lot of television because, it seems, there isn't much choice on radio today. Open the stereo, and I always hear Rihanna or Crossfade. (At least it isn't that sucky Hilary Duff song - and that suckier Jasmine Trias song. Eeeew.) However, I'm too lazy to change radio stations (although today I took enough energy to switch to K-Lite and NU 107 for today), and I end up imagining the music policy I would formulate if I ever take over a radio station in Manila. Something like... again, 6 Music. I remember opening this thing up to Isah and we agreed on the same thing again. (Fans of diversity, unite. The record companies are against us.)

Wait - I strayed on the topic.

Anyway, I end up opening the TV at 08.00 and watch, in exact order; a news program (the BBC News 24 feed on BBC World), Whose Line is it Anyway?, Art Attack, Newsnight (on CNN, since Katrina struck), and some other program I see. One time I saw myself tuned to CNN for six hours straight as I watched the hurricane take the sanity out of the Americans (and ready with scathing commentary). I also saw myself watching ANC for a shorter amount of time anxiously seeing if the impeachment complaint against President Arroyo would push through. (Despite my interest in politics, I get bored with watching every congressman explain his vote in "three minutes".) Then, at night, it's the same old thing: BBC World again, then Pinoy Big Brother (I could go one blabbing about how much I hate Uma and Cass), then back to BBC World, unless it's Rock Star: INXS or Top of the Pops - or I'm not holding the remote.

During the past two weeks I've felt sad for the people in New Orleans, but also sad for the fact that they just can't get used to what we Filipinos have been experiencing ever since God knows when - a strong typhoon with two hundered kilometer-per-hour winds leaving us without electricity and water, giving instead loads of floodwaters and floating bodies (well, not exactly). And they say the Iraq war is justified?

In a time when Canal Street became a real canal, my heart goes to Mayor Ray Nagin. It just seemed so ironic to see President Bush respond thirty-six hours after Katrina made landfall. hirty-six hours mean a lot.

Of late, I also can't help but scream at the rallyists. I suddenly thought the La Salle brothers are there for something else. It is weird to see the system president (Brother Armin Luistro) march with former President Aquino and Susan Roces. I don't know - maybe my boredom distorts my perceptions.

I think I have said too much, and it's time to let you go guys. But, Monday is drawing near, and we are closer to another term. Please don't forget to bring your PE uniforms on that day, and keep youselves awake. We have to get used to it again - I know I have to.

To everyone who gladly talked to me, thank you. To the others: I might text you. I just might. Of course it doesn't go to everybody.

And your responses...

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