You're not talking about me again... right?

I've got a reason to celebrate: it's almost Monday, and that means we're close to starting a new term. Although I realized that with it comes more hurrying, more rushing, more stress (and consequently more pimples), and more people to find yourself staring at, I'm nevertheless happy that it's close to happening.

I also realized I shouldn't just stare out there waiting for something. It'll never happen. However, today I decided to look at something else, and I don't know why it actually feels better than before.

Perceptions have naturally changed. People have been telling me the same things, and their's have changed too. Just when the real colors begin to come out, I become more curious - even if I don't want to. This time, however, I'll keep my silence, because it is going better than before. Last time - and I just realized this as well - nothing was there, and just when I was expecting something good to happen, it got complicated (I think).

Replies, replies. Next time I know I enter school and get slapped in the face. Now that's something I don't want to happen.

And your responses...

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