After five sleepless nights and five happy days

Today isn't a good day, but it isn't a bad one either. I wonder why.

Yesterday was pretty quick. I slept at 01.00 this morning (that's pretty obvious, right?) after studying for the Algebra quiz, and even before that, after seeing my beloved school lose to FEU. (So finally, they've put something to their slogan, the winning university.) It was a very close fight - 73-71 was the final score - and I was freaking out a little bit when the last shot went off the mark (way off). My dad, who was from UE, was rooting for FEU, and was laughing at me when the buzzer went off. That was it, at least for now...

...but back in the university, the topic was either the game or the quiz. As we studied, there were the random thoughts on the last game: Huey, who watched from the Central Plaza simulcast, recounted how the crowd cried while singing the Alma Mater song, how Baba got hit with tear gas by an FEU student (or so she said), and how everyone tried to figure out who to blame. (I figure, no one.)

I almost survived the Algebra quiz. I didn't answer everything - somehow I forgot the answer to one question because of all the noise outside - but I'm confident enough to get at least a 55 out of 80. (Just that.) After that, nothing much. I went home by myself, later regretting it because Les went home as well, and we could have went home together.

Right now, out of boredom, me, Les and Joy are chatting about who is beautiful in the block. Like, right, everyone is beautiful somehow. So, why are we talking about it?

Status photos. Go figure.

And your responses...

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