Almost negativity

But never mind the title, because things just pop up my head today. Nothing's wrong even if I'm alone at U-Break - for now, it doesn't matter. There are two things I've long wanted to talk about but decided to keep away from, fearing that it'll create enemies and sensationalized discussions, but... I can't stop myself, it seems.

Sorry in advance to anyone whom I might have inspired anger at.

First, Malia and the Pussycat Dolls. This post is self-explanatory (but not everyone will see this anyway, so for those who can, lucky you), but if you still don't get it, imagine her in a bright pink shirt, wearing Jill's headband, posing like a girl (in one of those rare events) singing along to Don't Cha. I actually dreamt of her last night since that got stuck in my head. Now, she's still doing it - and I'm still laughing (and scared of the dreams - just kidding).

Second, Jason and Jackie - you know the story already? Yeah, I almost didn't figure this out until I realized something was up during the CWTS exposure trip. My question on that post would be answered by Tracy on her blog - the plan was successful. You (don't) know how much I like these stories (weirdly). I've not realized it until it all went to swing: since the poetic posts and the latest replies...

I shouldn't be talking about this. I've sensationalized it. (Here's me shivering with cowardice.) While I wish I haven't offended anyone (besides, this is something like a block newspaper), I end up thinking I shouldn't have done this thing at all.

Oh, and yesterday, I had an extremely long post that got gobbled up by the faulty Internet lines at the Cybernook. The only point was... never mind. I think I'll remember them all anyway.

And your responses...

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