Displacing the fifth testimonial

Count each and everyone of us in here, and you'll have an idea how overwhelming school can be. Clockwise from top left: Jason, Clarence, me, Malia (in the pink-cat-ear headband), Steph, Ale, Jill (with the other headband), Sudoy and Ariane. Image hosted by Photobucket

That was one photo from yesterday, just because I'm in it, courtesy of Malia. Wala lang, just felt like posting another photo since I'm slowly turning into a photo addict like everyone else.

Finally, our tour of Manila is pushing through, despite the fact that not everyone is bringing cameras (for logistical reasons, naturally). That's just sad, eh?

After nothing and everything in between, I'll say this: we're almost there. Just a little bit more...

And your responses...

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