Every special mention finally tabulated

How tired can you be? Freaking tired is my current state of mind, and I don't understand why, after spending around two hundred bucks for transportation, food and other stuff, I'm blogging and spending some more money when I could be going home.

The tour around Manila (well, not the whole of Manila) was, well, tiring. Really tiring. After meeting up with some of my groupmates (Huey, Icka, Sudoy, Jino, Mary, Loui, Dhi and Joy) at McDonalds (and then at Kenny Rogers'), we left and wend to Rizal Park, where Kevin (with his girlfriend and his other friends) was waiting for us. The rains were threatening, but it didn't really rain that hard - when it did we were safe inside the Chinese Garden. We shot too many photos (really?) and too many video clips (really - again?), but not after walking around cluelessly, having ourselves a bit wet due to water puddles, and us crossing paths with Cuyeg's group three times - make that four - in Intramuros looking for Casa Real.

Turns out it isn't open to the public anymore.

I'm finally at Taft Avenue again, throwing up all of my fatigue (speaking of which, Icka was wearing her ROTC uniform just for fun, probably) on those who are online, like Les and Caresse. Sorry, guys, but I've got too many things running through my head.

First, I've seen a message on the Chemistry Yahoo! group on the latest hoopla regarding the Yeo-Salgado incident during Game 1 of the UAAP finals.
A lot of people have noticed that the Green Archers haven't been humble in victory and haven't been gracious in defeat either. In their second game with Ateneo, Archer Ryan Arana's Jezebelic belly-dancing rubbed salt on the Blue Eagle's wounds. In whose harem did he learn to gyrate like that anyway? In the third game, Coach Franz Pumaren unnecessarily called a time-out with just a few seconds left to display his winning team to the fans. And in the first finals game last Thursday, a nationwide audience saw La Salle assistant team manager Manny Salgado's infamous "batok" on Arwind Santos. FEU coach Bert Flores then chased Salgado who ran like a frightened cat. Our La Salle Greenhills Spy-Ring disclosed that Salgado is from HS class '78. In their drive to be champions again, the Green Archers and staff may have forgotten the basics of sportsmanship. Because of this, many have started to root for an FEU victory according to TV surveys taken over the weekend. It's clearly a case of the greens seeing red then turning purple. Naturally, this has made the Eagles fly high and away from their blues enjoying every minute of their rival's biggest faux pas.
I do agree that we've looked bad after the infamous incident, but who said we forgot the basics of sportsmanship? That's a complete piece of crap. Yes, we've done that, but I do agree it's been all blown up into unknown proportions. (Sensationalism at work.) This is sports reporting, however, and we have to understand that this can happen.

Second, I'm so weird to the point that I counted how many times I mentioned my current blockmates in my blog. (This, by the way, is post number one-hundred and sixty-eight.) Take note that these are only direct mentions, and in no way reflects what I really think. This is pretty inaccurate as well. And the top ten are:

  1. Les (34 mentions)
  2. Jason (30 mentions)
  3. Kizia (28 mentions)
  4. Icka (26 mentions)
  5. Caresse and Ale (25 mentions each)
  6. Jaja and Sudoy (24 mentions each)
  7. Clarence (22 mentions)
  8. Ariane (21 mentions)
  9. Huey (19 mentions)
  10. Ian (18 mentions)
Right, these are the results, taken from Technorati - but, again, these are somehow inaccurate. You all know how many times I really mentioned Ale without mentioning her name. That goes for a few others as well.
I should go home now. It shows that I am really bored with whatever's happening.

And your responses...

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