Grace under pressure despite defeat

So why am I here? A few things.

We lost to FEU today, which means everyone has talked about it already, and I'm late. We lost - we got swept - and we have classes on Monday.

We have an Algebra quiz within twelve hours, and I just can't figure everything out.

I'm laughing at myself because I'm doing things I never thought I would do for the past week, like stay up until midnight and study really hard. (Like it's effortless. Like I needed to tell you that.) Aside from that, everything's happened so fast I'd rather forget about it.

Oh, and we got applauded - well, some of us - for surviving Critical Thinking class under Professor Timbreza. Thus, we at Philosophy class don't have to think anything over within the next week. Next week's a little bit of a rest period, I assume, but no, it isn't. Still a lot to do.

Well then, I better go back and study. I'm finally growing comfortable with the pressure.

And your responses...

lupet ng feu lately huh, talo kame sa volleyball na boys eh.

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