Honey through the fragmented vacation

Ang bilis naman ng panahon, I thought as I write this post. Dati sinasabi ko October na, birthday na ni Jackie. Ngayon, almost November na, marami na namang gagawin at mangyayari. A lot has definitely happened and, although it isn't still time for another fourteen-week reassessment like last time, I can't help but be amazed. Sa dinami-dami ba naman ng ginagawa namin, malayo na pala ang narating namin.

I arrived at school at around 07.30, waiting for the International Studies make-u class Sir Marasigan had set for the two classes that he missed. (Oh, and I entered the school in pretty high spirits today. Hyperactive, even.) We watched around two films (actually three, but two films were shown halfway since we either had to leave or it wouldn't just play) on the events before World War 2, and luckily for us who bothered to come, we were rewarded with an extra ten points. I think all I did (with Malia and Lau) was laugh at how things went - how the Japanese honored their emperor, or at least the way the old newsreel clips showed it, for example. Simply said, those kind of things.

Also, Kaymee came in with her ROTC uniform on - I think she skipped part of the class (or did she?) just to show up for the class. Lucky her, she still got that ten points that was secretly offered as an incentive. (Speaking of which, I also saw John in his uniform on my way to CWTS class. What's with the uniforms anyway?) In the end, at least on my mind, it seemed that after all of the "motivation" - one of the films actually outlined the doings of Hitler, Mussolini and "military-hostaged" Hirohito in a propaganda-like way, explaining to viewers, presumably soldiers, why they're fighting the war - Kaymee would get in front, all prepped-up, and give us orders. In the end she rushed back to where she came from to check attendance. I don't know, it's just funny when you think of it.

Aside from the drama that practically dominated yesterday's affairs, this week has been a good one. I've mentioned yesterday the sudden links I've forged with other people - ones that I didn't think I would be close with, at least within the term. (Oh no, another one of those posts.) Also, it's been a bit more adventurous, not to mention a lot more tiring. After a lot of activites and earlier than expected arrivals I ended up sleeping earlier than expected last night (but not after disturbing the hell out of Les). I just want to rest, but my hyperactivity is in the way. I wake up full of energy even if I know I don't have much of it.

Probably the very reason why some of us wished CWTS class would be in the morning instead, but if it is some consolation, we only have one more classroom session to go, and then one more trip to Barangay Tagumpay to have our project draft approved, and then we just have to submit the whole thing back. But, thinking about it again, we still have one more term of CWTS to go, one that's populated with a lot more trips to the community. Ahh, we must be friends with stress now. We'd better get used to it.

Today in CWTS class we did this little (err, big) thing with our vision for our target community; my groupmates (I, sadly, can't remember them all) made this thing with additional dimensions (think of pasted paper boats, bridges and even airplanes), and Jaja summed it all off with the usual (already) reference to Bamboo. (Yes, Light Peace Love.) It did make perfect sense, though, and after Sars made another miracle and made one wonderful report, I thought, we did great again. So, our mission statement would be the basis for next Saturday's session. That is, if we'll ever show up in it.

I now don't know whether we could be excused for CWTS class next Saturday. Jackie and I weren't told anything about it, which made me think if the LSPO has already asked the COSCA for us getting excused for the whole thing. Again, I worry for somthing but nothing, even. (Oh, and Ale didn't show up, so hindi ko pa rin nabibigay yung payment endorsement slip for the confirmation. I badly wanted to let go of that thing.)

The confirmation is something of a miracle, actually. As expected, the three of us are a bit closer (just a bit) - and considering I'm in Jackie's special friends list in her blog, and not under the blockmates listing. I really got touched. I can't believe it did happen. Right now there's no space for skepticism, where it usually enters and stays. I can't believe that happened as well.

So I guess it's the same market economy principle, with the ups and downs caused by the lack of safety nets. Although I can't say this is going to last forever, I'm not gonna sit here and wait for it to go away. For this week, I've basked under the sun - if it did show up, since it's been raining recently - and kept things to how they should be (aside from Friday, of course). I think I've had too much encouragement, but it's still positively received. My core group may have long dissolved, for some apparent reason, but now I realize that beyond that sense of security, the many people that I've dealt with - it's been still there.

After those little chats with Derek, the pull-offs with Clarence, the sessions with Kim and Tracy, and yes, my multiple proddings with everybody else? I guess it's been a good week after all.

Wait a minute - I've said too much again. This post is long. But you're still hanging on, I guess.

And your responses...

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