Is there anything to post?

Well, nothing really, so this is useless by all means.

I just want to ask why the television stations try their hardest to make rock stars out of celebrities who don't do really good at the stage. I watched Parokya ni Edgar on SOP and, horrors of horrors, Gabby Eigenmann is there singing as well. I told myself, cover your ears, this is going to be long. Well, I switched to ASAP 05 and saw the Itchyworms with Jericho Rosales! (I mean, Piolo Pascual is okay, since he sings well, but it's awkward in the rock setting. But Jericho? Help me, please.)

If they can't make it, don't do it. Besides, the bands are talented enough to need more accompaniment.

I don't know if I should be looking forward for tomorrow, since it would all seem tiring anyway: I'll go to school two hours earlier for English 2 reading and chatting, and then, as expected, it'll end at around 19.00 when volleyball ends. And then I'll stand up in the bus again, and rush my laboratory materials. (I almost forgot that.)

And then, I've uploaded those photos at Fifth Year Holler, so if you want to see that photo...

Never mind that. Let's just keep oursevles ready.

And your responses...

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