It's Tuesday, he's in love

My LEAP session is finished - from the many seminars, from knife-fighting to fortune-telling to shirt-designing to street-dancing to pageant-winning (seriously), I went to the TeamComm-organized ETC seminar with Les, Tracy, Joy and Mary. I won some freebies after prematurely answering a question given to another one. (Bad me. We both ended up winning, however.) After that, I went rushing around the campus photocopying some more things. Man, I'm tired of photocopying without early payments. We do have to get organized.

One funny thing about today (aside from the photo with Sam Oh, obviously) is, well, Jason Lopez. He is (probably) extremely hyperactive because he is (really) in love with Jackie (or so I think). He's doing, well, weird stuff, something that's characteristic of a really young me some seven years ago. (Don't remind me.) Somehow I was silently reminded of myself way back when, and thanks to him I'll try not to do that. Ever.

In fact, he's the one who tagged as F4 on my shoutout box, to try to counter something from my long-lost classmate and friend from elementary school, Faith. (Yes, I call her little sister and she calls me big brother. Thinking about it, it sounds spooky.) Like, whatever, Jason.

Also, I find myself trying my best to take back whatever I've written in the last few posts. (So ordinary of me.) But, whatever (again) - just, whatever.

So, after me freaking out a little bit this morning, when me and my Norway-based friend (and past crush) Regine chatted about the same old topics that you'll know when you really read this blog, I can say this has been an extraordinary day. Well, aside from the celebrities and the loving in the air - luckily, I'm not infected - I've got routines breaking, headphones breaking, and apologies to do. Sorry po sa kahapon. (And that's not about whatever you think it is.)

And your responses...

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