So many thoughts, so little sleep

Let me try to squeeze in three days' worth of thoughts, stories and nonsense in a post. How many paragraphs will this post consist? Let's begin.

Thought bubble one: I haven't got much sleep this week. Will I ever get used?

Admittedly, last Thursday, I didn't want to wake up and even planned to skip one of the scrapbook fix-up sessions we have set at the conservatory. This week I've never arrived in school by 10.30; instead, I arrive two hours earlier. Monday, I had two hours of sleep, and after arriving from Caresse's surprise party I had around eight hours, but didn't feel it was enough. In the enxt few days it swung at around six, and each and every day I dragged on, considering the lack of oxygen in our closed classrooms (that I learned from Professor Punzalan) made everyone yawm since we're losing part of our life. (Biologically, that's a fact.) Now's only the first time as well that I got to ride a bus early in the afternoon; in the past four days I've been going home as late as 21.00 (from the surprise party).

Now I wonder. Will I ever get used to this all over again? My life cycles are happily ruined, and I have lost grasp of the news (which makes questions to me regarding politics trash, literally, since it wouldn't get answered in the most decent way), and when the next term comes by next year I'll have to readjust again.

Oh, and we're entering the sixth week of the term. We've been doing lots this term I couldn't feel the time. Or, it could be that I'm listening to my MP3 player too many times.

Thought bubble two: it's been three debuts this week.

I've talked about Caresse's birthday too much, I didn't immediately realize that Lau had celebrated hers last Saturday (a day earlier) until I saw the pictures. I thought she was just turning seventeen until, well, I realized she's older. She doesn't look or (unintendedly offensive, and I'm sorry if ever anyone does) act like such. (You can take that as a compliment, guys. You just have to twist it around!)

Today, however, is Steph's debut. She's promised Yellow Cab for everyone (like Les did, although it was much more for fewer people) but arrived late. I was literally waiting at the Yuchengco lobby for the food until I decided to get some grub at Z2 and climb up the room. (I've sat around in the lobby for around two hours by then, cutting up stuff or reading my reviewer. Who wouldn't get bored by then?)

The moment she did arrive, however, she had two boxes, with another left for those who decided to skip International Studies class, and it was gone in four minutes. Obviously, I had some slices, and even more obviously (for those who really know me) it wasn't enough, since I got prepped up somehow. But, it's still okay - thanks then, Steph! What's next?

Thought bubble three: speaking of International Studies class, welcome the Marasigan mantra (which popped up, weirdly, from somewhere): to paraphrase, sexiness depends on the person. What makes this funny is the way this thing just popped up (which I can't remember, but it is funny). Now, the class ended with the statement remain sexy. Then, we downed the pizza in the aforementioned recordbreaking time.

Simply ironic.

Thought bubble four: Malia is just sweet (seriously) on their scrapbook. Upon looking at the other efforts I feel that we've failed ourselves a bit. It's the usual feeling, however, with every other project I've been involved to, but this time I wasn't in the steering wheel. Before Saliksik, where I did say a lot, we've already chosen Kevin as the leader, and somehow, I don't feel satisfied like my other efforts.

No bad feelings, but it's my being a control freak coming out again. Today, however, I took the time to shake Kevin's and Jino's hands to congratulate for a good job done, despite the many missed schedules and rushed pastings (not to mention skipped classes for some, speaking of which only around half the class went to International Studies and, consequently, got less pizza).

Right now, however, I'm doing less but I'm getting busier. For the first time in weeks I haven't photocopied anything for more than one person.

Thought bubble five: me and Jason are invariably invading Katia's blog, after having added her up on Friendster. Still, her comment a few days back lifted my spirits, aside from the many tags from the guys, and I still can't thank her enough. We don't know each other personally, but still...

It's just amazing that such things still happen.

Thought bubble six: how long should you linger around?

This was something I just thought of after Algebra class last Monday, and after the surprise party the day after. How come, when you'll shrugging it off too much, things seep out but still, things go pretty well? I mean, I remember telling Jill something I never thought I'd tell her last term, and after that things went okay, still. Right now, I figured, Caresse inferred something I didn't realize was there, but basically I was living through it, and now I still chat with her in Philosophy class, with the usual "I get what he says, but nothing registers" statements. I bet you all know where I'm almost going to go next, but this time you're wrong. Being comfortable is okay, but being agreeable is an entirely different story.

Why is it that, when you get conscious of things and begin to accept, things silently fall out?

I'm talking of fallouts again. Monday was the freakiest day I ever had in my life. I wonder what's coming next?

Well then, these are the thoughts that went to (unexpectedly) as far as Monday. I realized I haven't got much to talk about, still. So, how many paragraphs did I eat up?

Twenty-two, including this one. Amazing. Lumabas na naman pagkamadaldal ko.

(Paragraph number twenty-three, since thoughts don't just end with the press of a submit button: immaturity, well, is my forte. It seems, however, it was just now that some people decided to watch out for me and I think it's been slow but sure, as our lectures say. I have been reading those July posts, just to see what I've missed. It isn't me, I know. But, it could be me.)

And your responses...

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