Ten minutes and I'm still not done

I'm uploading some tracks in Fifth Year Holler and it's taking a freakishly long time. That, considering I'm not doing anything else. (Well, aside from this one.)

With that said, nothing much happened, except for our group losing in volleyball 15-6. (That was so far the worst thing, but I happily took it in stride.) The only interesting thing that probably happened was me getting through the whole day. That's not even an issue, so...

...wait, there's one, but it isn't really an issue. It's just something I noticed. But I'd rather respect people's decision for now. I'll just be amazed at how much humiliated I am. If you've seen the surveys I've answered recently, then you might get the simplest idea.

In short, this is simply another excuse to blog. Never mind, then - I'm going home. I'll cancel the tracks I attempted to upload and would instead wonder some more (like last time). That's what I've been doing recently. Just that.

And, yes, I (almost) promised Nico a special mention. Well, this is it. Wala lang. That's simply out of context, probably.

And your responses...

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