When we wrote a song out of the yellow pages

"Mauna ka na nga!" Jackie told me as we went back from the third pre-confirmation seminar. "Pareho tayong naka-yellow eh!"

I wanted to see today who else will wear yellow today, so I wore yellow and went around to observe. I was supposed to wear yellow last Monday, since Miss Hernandez recommended that we do so that our brains get stimulated and, consequently, we perform better in the Algebra quiz. Aside from me, only Jackie and Jill did. (last Monday, only two remembered to wear yellow.) And, somehow, it did work - despite the little hoopla in International Studies class (which I didn't like since I felt the class was unjustly generalized as lazy students), my brain did get stimulated.

Before that, I went to Jackie and asked if we could go together to the aforementioned seminar, but I ended up going there myself, like the usual. I did something else, and they did. We finally met up in the room, seated beside each other, as usual (with Ale, it looked like we were still froshies in the shell - no offense meant there). Miss Krainz (who I think is our supposed teacher for Revelation class last term) is a really good speaker; she motivates without intimidating. That time I also realized how heavy my wallet was, when Ale asked for change for five hundred bucks. I realized I should keep some of my money home.

I then wish that the three of us get excused for CWTS class two weeks from now, since we've got another recollection to attend (at L'Hermitage, again). It's not that I hate the class, but somehow things are getting a bit boring, or I'll subscribe to the theory Sir Punzalan devised on the lack of oxygen.

Back in M308, we finally got our quiz results for Rizal class; luckily, that index card gave me and a lot others an additional ten percent from what could have been a 77% quiz (simply said, a 1.5). I, however, got satisfied without the plusses. I think I deserved it. I, however, almost got to another realization session with Ariane (which I seriously didn't get).

Then, tomorrow, me, Icka, Huey, Jason and Kevin would discuss the Kyoto Protocol. Here's to us working off our creativity again. Well, wish us luck tomorrow - or will you? Hmmm...

It seems nothing interesting really happened today. The sludge I was talking about yesterday was given away to somebody else, and everyone's gone into panic mode since our first class. As for me? I'm acting quack doctor again, pretending I could help.

But I think I just did.

And your responses...

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