And up we'll go in white light

Just when I thought things would get any worse, it just didn't.

Last night I tried my best to cram everything we've learned in Algebra class within two classes in less than three hours, and believe me, it isn't recommended. Then, I've got that International Studies paper to work with, and I again slept at midnight (well, past midnight). I was online last night and I was throwing my complaints of the day to Clarence (as usual). Then, I overslept, so every chance of me rereading my notes in the morning went into dust.

All I remember was my mom waking me up at 08.30, ideally the time for me to take a bath. Imagine me rushing everything without forgetting anything. Well, I didn't forget anything - Derek's CD, Jason's plastic container where the ice cream I consumed two days before was placed, and my reminders to buy a test booklet and borrow a calculator. That little bit of alertness did help, because...

...things just didn't make sense for me back in school. I just didn't get anything. There just wasn't much time to feed things in, and even the others who did usually well in Algebra couldn't, either. The lessons went in slowly - tediously slowly. That was quickened up a bit, however, when Sir Marasigan came in and, after collecting our papers, announced that he isn't feeling like teaching, and had us instead review for the quiz, complete with the suggesstion of study groups.

The quiz began, and I was still pessimistic about not making it to the dean's list (I seriously consider this subject my Critical Thinking this term). After a lot of fiddling with the calculator, however, I realized that I had answers to the problems (but not to the system of equations, which simply slipped in my mind, and take note we never tackled that) and, after giving up fifteen points, submitted my paper and got amazed at what I just did. I walked outside, had Ariane give me a little tutorial, and I got thinking once again. Shrugging off the thought; attempt successful.

Will I ever get a 2.0? I wish I do. Initiative's got to begin with me, though.

After rushing back calculators to the Discipline Office, and climbing up and down thrice, we went to our alternative class for History 1 class. It was the usual beneficial-to-my-higher-learning thing, but there was something weird that happened today - something that made me think of my behavior once again.

I just gave Jason his container (and, after complaining of the lack of good timing, he said I should give it to him tomorrow instead) and, thinking I was getting too hyperactive again, Sir Delupio pulled me and had me slouch on my seat. And I felt someone laughing. (Deep inside, I thought, oh no, someone is laughing... and if I elaborate it wouldn't do me any good.) Up to now, weirdly, I couldn't shrug it off.

What else? Nothing much, except for me probably slowly growing into discomfort. A little bit expected, yes, but a not-so-nice development altogether. Just when you think it's going perfectly well...

Oh, and I learned something about our fellow froshies (out of the block, of course) upon my climb up the stairs. And I, in a weird position, got to know it. And, deep inside, I can't help but give a snirtle about it (whatever snirtle means).

But what do I know, the song goes. I'm not supposed to know anything much.

Tomorrow, it's going to be a ridiculously busy day. Then, on Monday, despite the holidays, we'll work on that music video. I end up playing a minor role (which is much better, since I couldn't play someone I'm clueless about), but the catch is the shoot's going to be in Icka's house, way back in Quezon City. This guy, exceptionally clueless about the Katipunan area, wishes he survives the day.

But of course, I will.

Well then, before I unshrug the thought I just shrugged off...

And your responses...

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