Between cheerleaders and kindergartners

The final classes have started really early. If someone's aware about it, CWTS class is basically over - at least, for phase one.

We were at Barangay Tagumpay again, and after a measly forty minutes spending time with our host family (Lola Choleng was sick, and Michelle was weirdly quiet), we presented what we have come up with: a tutorial project. Ta-dah. What makes it so special is that we're also doing a side project of fixing up the local library, so aside from adding a few books here and there, as well as some ETV tapes which would get there if (according to Jason) Huey's charisma to former home studio ABS-CBN still sparks, we'll be organizing the whole place and prevent it from becoming a dumping place of some sort. I looked around and was surprised at what they have there. Books on ancient history, economics, philosophy, and the occasional The Far Side compilation. Although not everybody really reads those, I thought they have a far better library than some others (which is supposedly the point).

Then, as we went home, it seemed all poignant again; our facilitator, Miss Rago, was giving us her Christmas greetings, and before we realized it the class is over for the term. (Well, not exactly, since Toni still has to work on the finalized project proposal, lovingly called Lasalette.) Along with a weird thing we saw along Aurora Boulevard, which freaked us out, it was a bit melancholy for some. But I was trying my best to hold back all of my emotions, rather than risk being too talkative for the day.

As the majority of the class flocked malls to watch the fourth Harry Potter movie (which thankfully didn't leave a jeep without any passengers), I went home with Tracy and had another one of those chats. There she went again: "the more you try to please everybody you end up making an alterego." And, you know what? She's right somehow. That's what just happened to me. Thankfully it's all behind us now.

I realized I should stop making people cry, since my last few posts have made us cry. Still, I owe it to you guys.

By the way, my deepest congratulations to Huey for being an older brother to another sibling, born three days ago (was her name Maria Martina? I can't really remember).

And, to everybody else, at least we'll be together in CWTS class. But, as somebody pointed out, it's just a Saturday. Would anything fill the void?

And your responses...

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