Oooooh, it's November already. Tomorrow we're back in school but for now, better celebrate the last few hours of part one of the vacation we were given. Within the past three days all I did was sleep, sleep and listen to my Zen Micro. Trust me, as much as I want to get things done on the holidays I just can't. My bodily needs have come to the forefront.

It's telling me, "Niko, get some sleep." And when I wake up, it simply tells me, "get some more."

I've been pretty disconnected from the world I didn't realize things were already changing. Today I found out that:
  1. The new VAT doesn't exempt music CDs, so when I buy that KT Tunstall CD I'd have to fork out (if I got that correct) around P470 instead of P420.
  2. The UK has moved one hour ahead, so I'd have to catch Chris Moyles at 15.00 here instead of at 14.00. So, I'd miss Jo Whiley by an hour.
  3. I've got a lot to do, but...
My days have been even more boring that I expected. I went home last Saturday and attempted to, well, set that payment endorsement slip free. I was stupid enough to tell Ale to remind me on Monday, without realizing that it isn't going regularly - the classes, I meant - and we wouldn't meet on a Monday. Well, better not make a big deal out of it. I wonder why she isn't replying. But anyway...
(Note to self: I should realize that we have a vacation to work with.)
Last Sunday I wasted more of my time in front of the computer and practically did nothing. The thing I hate with vacations (as with everything else) is that I end up getting bored and doing nothing. I almost thought my MP3 player would go bust again after using it too many times. And, yes, I slept at ten o'clock, but not after trying to text well-missed former blockmate Dian. She isn't replying as well. Did she change her number, or deliberately didn't reply?
I just don't have anybody to talk to. Heck, it's vacation time!
Yesterday Les was texting me about the note cards we have to do, and I forgot to get back to her. Awww, I feel guilty so suddenly! After "celebrating" Halloween at my grandmother's house, where my relatives asked me if Clarence is my girlfriend since they've seen the Friendster photo and the usual putanesca that got me eating more than desired, I got to work (finally) and began reading the books I borrowed from the library for English 2 class. (Another note to self: How the heck am I supposed to get away with overdue fees if the due date for the books me and Ian pulled out is today, a holiday? Don't they dare charge us with more money...) And, yes, I slept at nine o'clock.
My biological clock is changing big-time. I might not get used to it again.
Today, nothing much but sleep, and the occasional film review. And, finally, I'm updating, and I have to admit I'm partly dismayed barely anyone decided to tag. (Yet another note to self: They're on vacation as well. Gargh. Sorry then.) But doesn't it feel good we got to recharge ourselves too long we've got a lot more energy to work with? Tomorrow I'll be so hyperactive I'll annoy the hell out of you guys.
So, there it is. Too short a realization, too long a post, and nothing much said. Here's my final note to self before leaving: Four mentions is enough. Look at somebody else, then.
I miss my blockmates, and I feel like I missed a lot again. Things were going well and then, this long break. I wanna go back to school. Now.

And your responses...

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