Defeating Wednesday's very purpose

So, the very thing I feared would happen did happen. I felt disconnected, if not disconcerted. I arrived earlier since I anticipated heavy traffic; obviously I didn't want another Friday situation. I got so traumatized by that (exaggerated but true). After finally dropping off the books I returned (and thankfully I wasn't charged anything), I did nothing. Just nothing. Obviously two hours can get so boring.

International Studies was, as usual, populated with jokes and whatnot (since we are pretty much ahead of every other class Sir Marasigan handles), complete with what seems to be perfect timing. Then came the pre-confirmation seminar (and yes, I finally gave than piece of paper away), where we got this primer on what will really take place two weeks from now. I volunteered to do the second reading for the mass, along with fellow candidate Lei (who reminds me of Robyn), who's in charge of the first. Ale and Jackie volunteered to be - well - flower girls (and honestly, I find that weirdly funny), and come 16 November we'll be in some other outfit. Forgive me if I get too serious about it. PE class last term comes to mind.

Then, Rizal class. I've got to admit I barely learn anything in the third row. Seriously, I ended up almost crying - well, except that one - since all I can hear is the noise the back people usually produce. That, or I got extremely distracted by some other factor. Excuse me if I unintendedly devolved into some other mood earlier. Now it seems being disconcerted has been a phobia of mine.

I was checking out the blogs before classes began, and Clarence's latest post was in perfect timing. Seriously, it had me thinking. Some things aren't becoming healthy for me. Things that I thought could coexist peacefully with my intentions have become, simply said, distractions. It obviously has beat everything that's been set.

Hindi ko alam kung bakit ako biglang naiinis sa'yo. Wala namang matinong dahilan para gawin ko ito, ngunit... nakakalito lang. Hindi ko alam kung sasaya ako dahil dito.

Drama. Enough of it.

And your responses...

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