Fifty drops and still counting

Okay, so initially I did, but I just wanted to get that out of me.

This is, for the first time in six weeks, my first free U-Break. Along with that, priority enrollment was moved tomorrow, so I have to rush a little bit more tomorrow. Think about this: three quizzes and enrollment. The next thing we know we lose the slots to Miss Sangil's classes, probably the only class we all want to be in.

Also, since today's our confirmation, I won't get to study three subjects that thoroughly. All I can do now is shrug and wish things do go well.

Last night I pondered on the online enrollment. Would I end up wishing that we wouldn't need to split up? It is I, yes, the person who said the block either doesn't accept, appreciate or like me, is the first to say I'm going to miss everyone. For the one thing I hate more, aside from rejection (and, gladfully, no one is guilty of such a crime nowadays), is change.

Well, you cannot force change, but still...

I'll end up with Loui, Mary, Dhi and Joy, and possibly Caresse and Kaymee. I have a blinker of an idea that the two major groups in the class would stick together. Probably the only thing that would remain constant are the arrangements for CWTS class, since from there change wouldn't do any good.

But, as some say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or would it?

In advance, thanks then. By the end of the term I would make another ridiculously long post, probably around forty paragraphs long, just to look back to something I hesitantly grew comfortable with. For despite the buffers come the harsh reality that things wouldn't be the same again, from my birthday and beyond.

And, to Ale... yeah, that one. I got so blurry again, like now. I just couldn't learn to appreciate such things, but I didn't take it negatively. It was, after all, a random thought.

And your responses...

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