Another one of those whatnot posts, just when you feel confused over matters and end up sleeping over them. We don't have classes tomorow - but we sure do have some today.

Yesterday I went home with Ariane and Jino, and I ended up paying their bus fare. (I treated them. Don't worry.) When I did that they suddenly felt obligated to give me something, but I figuratively refused. After what I wrote yesterday - additional drama, as usual - I felt like setting things free. And that's what I almost did.

In the middle of the trip Ariane found out all about the whole thing, and began giving me every adjective she could think of. Just funny.

Today, I had to go to school early or risk going really alone the entire way, with the uncertainties coming from the bus routes (and suddenly EVAT comes to mind - thanks, Jackie, somehow), so I'm currently spending too many hours in school. So, I decided to chill out in another Netopia branch - the new one at EGI Tower this time - and listen to some, err, R&B. (And right now appreciation is at an all time high.) And, again, Les came in to the rescue, with the usual chats we have that go nowhere but keep me perky somehow.

So thank then, Les. I don't know what could have happened if we did get against each other. The zilch ratings, simply said.

To Jino and the others with the attention span of a mouse: This is the end of my post. Haha.

And your responses...

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