It isn't nice to be alone again

It's me again, the guy with the penchant for the overly-dramatic. And here comes another dramatic post. Yes, my name says it all.

I never got a decent slot in the eyes of heaven. In short, I ran out of slots for Miss Sangil's Literature 1 class. In fact, I ran out of slots for every Literature 1 class, as well as every English 3 class. Considering these two are prerequisites to majoring in communication, it just seems to be such a bummer. I somehow abandoned Loui and her circle of friends in the middle schedule-wise, and instead decided to go with Caresse. We were at the Cybernook when we found out Literature 1 was closed, and minutes later, just as we were fixing our English 3 schedules up, it closed down as well. Before that, some skipped English 2 class for enrollment, and the only successful person to get through her preferred schedule is Jackie. (Lucky girl.)

Yesterday we received many "server down" complaints, like I can do anything about it.

Speaking of yesterday, the confirmation went smoothly well. That, despite a little glitch on my side as I read the second reading (I went down the wrong way, and Kuya Dominic was telling me, you should have passed in the central aisle), but still, it all went well. Les, Jino, Kizia, Nico and Cor came by and watched that significant event (although, somehow, they weren't there to see me - oh, pessimistic me). I didn't get to go down for the little banquet at the Marian Quadrangle, though; we left immediately and had dinner somewhere else.

With my sister's persistent begs for me to treat her, seeing Ale and Jackie in different outfits (of course, you wouldn't wear Sunday clothes on Wednesdays unless Sir Ronda says so), and Sister Pinky watching us (again, probably the only people from her classes last term to "heed the call"), it was a good event. Oh, and significant as well. I ended up sending thank-you text messages the way Caresse did a month ago.

Today, I went in school in a pretty bad mood. People were asking me about skipping English 2, since the quiz was called off once again and people decided to prioritize the enrollment. But lesser people did skip class, aside from the few who sneaked out. Oh, and there was this event with Jessica literally coming in the nick of time. Two minutes away from getting dropped in English 2 class, she came. Truly, somehow, Jino was saved.

Then, yes, there was this Philosophy quiz. (Hereafter we call this subject Philosophy 1.) It was, it turned out, the notoriously hard quiz people were complaining about (as Sir Lualhati said, "eto yung quiz na nasa PinoyExchange.com"), and despite my greatest efforts I missed a lot more items than intended. Although the essay part was changed to a take-home thing, it still is draining my head badly.

Then, with my badly mangled schedule turned around its head, I decided to take Biology instead of Earth Science, and Philosophy 2 and Religion 2 in place of English 3 and Literature 1. (This sounds a lot like that other school, as far as I know.) Right now, as I chat with Jill (a really rare occasion), many people have begun complaining of being alone in the coming term, and even I, a person constantly afraid of change, has got something more to cower about.

As I realized I snatched Caresse's chance for a good class, she said, "darating din naman ang panahon na maghihiwalay-hiwalay tayo." And now, with the class not getting what they wanted, people are getting split up.

Now's the time for me to try everything and fix up with people, or be closer with everybody else. As much as I now feel alienated (somehow) with Jason and Huey, and the relevance of the block Yahoo! group is going down like the singles chart, and people are slowly changing once again - we've got to do something. I've got to do something.

So what then? As I would again find myself walking off the corridors alone, not because I feel bad but because consequences force us to do so, I'd end up crawling inside something - a dark corner, maybe - and whine a lot. What about what I've fought for? Is it all for nothing then?

I've got to adjust again. Seven more times, at the least.

Just when you get comfortable with your blockmates once again, and you realize they really appreciate you like some pearl washed off the bay, you have to split up. Everyone has to. The bonds that were formed would soon grow weak and wouldn't make sense.

This isn't going to be a fun last five weeks of the term.

And your responses...

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