The Joey and Miles aftermath

So, how can anything (or anyone) ruin my day?
  1. If the headphone jack begins to act up and ruin my favorite songs
  2. If people begin to show you proof that they had a better day than you
  3. If you realize you forgot to do something because you didn't have any idea of such
Thankfully, none of them happened - well, except for the headphones thing. I now believe Les when she says it wouldn't last six months. My Zen Micro's headphone jack is getting finicky, and it isn't even my fault.

Remember my story last Wednesday? You know, the one with Joey and Miles? Turns out almost the entire block has an experience with the so-called most unpredictable duo on radio. I checked Kim's blog since she said she replied to my tag, and there it was: a picture with half the block and the two. Deep inside - seriously, deep inside - I went, oh no, I thought I got an exclusive. And again, they got one up better than me. Nothing serious, but I almost decided last Wednesday to bring a camera, but didn't since I felt lazy. Kung kailan kinapalan ko ang mukha ko sa pagkausap sa isang celebrity - radio presenters at that - I didn't have anything at hand. I checked Nico's blog and there were more. And then Caresse's blog had the block photos, minus me and Jackie. (Don't react, Niko. I know, don't react.)

(Okay, I still reacted.) I am "left out" of the block!

Please, however, don't take that seriously. Notice the quotation marks.

I listened last Thursday, but I woke up at 04.50 and then againat 07.00, so I don't have any idea of what happened in the show's first hour. Then I listened and lost track of myself. I went to school yesterday and somehow overreacted. I resolve from now on to bring the camera as much as possible (if I could get permission). Still, the thought of classmates with the two leaves me tingling. But, still...

...I got to talk to the two. Better yet, I got to talk to Joey. And shake hands with him. (Sorry Clarence, but if you're grinding with something else deep inside... right.)

Today I did bring my camera, and decided to work on a little so-called art project. I had those magazine-styled photos with Cuyeg, Jason, Jill and Malia, and then things began to go pretty well. For starters Sir Marasigan decided to give everyone 100 in the still hanging quiz from a few weeks (or a month) back. That, to think that I asked everyone to demand a ten-point addition for the unnecessary delay in the release of the results. He even asked us, "don't scream." And we (almost) didn't. Then we went on to watch another film on the Marshall Plan and basically do nothing but take down notes. (Again, we're ridiculously ahead of his other International Studies classes.)

Later did I realize that we would have to enroll ourselves to the classes we want to go to for the next term. Obviously caught off guard - and the prospect of gettign further disconnected in the sheets - I decided to hang up with Loui and take the schedule she's taking. Although online enrollment is still on Monday, I still am pretty nervous about that thing. (We've ben relaxing too long, I know.) If things do go well then we'd have another class with Miss Sangil (with the new Harry Potter film showing, I wonder how she's doing?) and PE class on Fridays. (Right now I'm reading the email I should have read a long time ago. Gaaargh.) And, at least, I'm going to be with somebody else from within the block.

In the end, the reminder bulletins will go useless. We are not going to be together again, at least the whole block.

Thanks to Jana's initiative and my initiative as well (to bring the camera), the two of us, along with Jason, Sudoy and Jaja, have photos with Kitchie Nadal. And she was even asking us to hurry. Still, I have the photos, and I'm going to send them to everyone else (and the whole art project) by Tuesday.

Thinking about it, now that Jaja has photos with Joey, Miles (who complimented her last Wednesday) and Barbie Almalbis, and plans to get some with Ali Alejandro of Mojofly and Rico Blanco of Rivermaya tonight at Eng Night - and still, Bamboo - she's got a lot of celebrities under her belt, so to speak.

My art project, then, ends with Jana, Kizia, Jino and Nico - the middle two sporting new hairdos, which is suddenly becoming common among their circles. Think about it.

Happy birthday to Jenn, and I wish that at least everything in that wishlist of yours gets provided! (Weird, huh?)

So then, with Eng Night cordoning off the entire SJ Walk, half the block watching and me having the entire house to myself for the weekend, I bid you adieu, and nothing much.

And your responses...

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