Post number two-hundred

Starting today, the block splits up. We've enrolled, and as much as it hurts us, it's got to happen.

With the realization that it's impossible to cross-enroll for English 3 - a class which only a third, possibly less, of the block has received slots for - the fact that we've got nothing to do but split up is becoming all too real. What was supposedly things that would be done together, well, isn't going to fruition. But, along with all the hype comes the acceptance that we will split up, and we won't see each other, at least within the same room, more frequently than before.

As with every other day, I've tried my best to make the most out of the remaining days. Luckily for most of us we've broken away from the sadness I somehow caused last week, and went on to live our lives as a block like normal. Except, of course, for the talks about schedules and slots. We've become a lot more serious with schooling, I've got to say.

In my case, I've become a little bit more sensitive. I've gone a little bit lower on the insults (if there was any) and, aside from the hyperactivity reminders, nothing much.

Slowly, but surely, we're realizing our mistakes and fixing them all up. After all, who couldn't be amazed at what two weeks can do?

Deep inside, everybody cares about this thing.

Just when I almost thought I would go back to being uncomfortable again with a few people, everyone saves me again. I just couldn't get down to details, though. But we're getting too used over things. It's time to shock us once again.

As for me, I've got to get used to be alone again. I cross-enrolled Literature 1, and I'll end up with business majors (probably). I am essentially a loner in college again. I'll face the same fears that I did in the first term. I'll probably commit the same mistakes again, would probably put up another front and do the same old things I am not supposed to do. I'm not sure whether Caresse stuck with some of her schedule, which would mean I still know someone, somewhere, somehow.

Whatever happens, it's back to the adjustment period. But I should get used to it.

It's too early to say thank you, for two weeks is still a long time to make things crumble or go up. I could, for one, still send my apologies to one or bust a friendship to another. It's still a busy week. It just seems so surreal. I haven't got anything much to say, obviously.

What then? Before I think of me getting all prepped up for Philosophy class today, I'll leave it to you guys.

Nothing is indeed permanent, except for change.

And your responses...

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