School tripping

I woke up, weirdly, at 08.00. In short, I overslept. I rushed somehow to get to school (it's terrible on a Wednesday, trust me), but I got to school earlier than expected, met up with Jino, and somehow got contractually bound to stay with him before International Studies class begun. As much as I wanted to leave and go somewhere else (yes, that's it!) I felt I needed to be polite for once. So there I was, stuck at Z2 with (basically) nowhere to go, and literally alone as the desk peppered with conversations about things I couldn't relate to.

I could go on and give you a long rant on not getting listened to (or me being uninteresting at that point), but I decided not to. Being in a little peace-making mood, I decided not to create additional enemies (and annoy further those present, if ever). So when they decided to leave, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. No offense, Jino, but I think you know what I mean.

(Now I wonder, why this again?)

Yet Sir Marasigan didn't arrive, so we ended up having only one class and a longer break (which basically didn't exist, since most of us haven't got any classes before that). As I silently fumed over the fact that I exist alone in a black and white world (that's what we wore for the block pictorials today), I found it harder to keep quiet and keep it all in. Thankfully I was saved, again, by Derek, and...

...out of all people, Joey and Miles.

It was a freakishly hectic U-Break for the block, with the block pictorials, the Magic 89.9 concert (featuring Barbie Almalbis, Join the Club and the Speaks), and for the three confirmants in the block, the final rehearsal at the MBS Chapel. Before I climbed up to the rehearsals I passed by the preparations for the concert (and wondered where the block pictorials would be held) when the weird in me popped up, saw Joey, and began to chat with him. (Seriously, I did.) It went something like this.
me: I listened to you just this morning?
Joey: You did? And... you are?
me: Niko.
Joey: Niko? Well then... look, Miles' over there!
me: (waving at Miles) Hi Miles!
Miles: (waving at me)
Joey: So, are you going to watch today?
me: I wish I could, but I couldn't...
Joey: Why, you've got classes?
me: No, they don't usually have classes at this time. But I'm going somewhere... you know... I'm going to get confirmed.
Joey: Well then, you could come back later, because the Speaks are up, along with Barbie Almalbis and Join The Club...
me: I'd try to go, then...
Joey: Well then, nice meeting you, Niko!
me: Sure thing! (grinning profusely)
Somewhere in the middle I said I wish to hear my name in tomorrow's show, the very reason why I set my alarm clock tomorrow at 05.50. I ended up watching Join the Club's four-song set, attempting to record them in my Zen Micro but I ended up with a bad output. So, delete that. I also saw Martin, Kizia and Marcia (I think) raise their fingers in the final song. (As the still nameless vocalist went, akala ko ba masarap magparty ang mga tag-La Salle? Sandali lang 'to... taas n'yo daliri ninyo. Then he flashes his fingers the way you put devil horns in your head, but not in the head, obviously.) In the end, I didn't appear in the block pictorial (and didn't wear a bright orange shirt, or pajamas for that matter), along with Jackie.

Back in the classroom, where the ITEO saved my chances for an additional half-point in the final grade for the sakes of attending Rizal class religiously, it simply seemed a bit surreal. The front row (the party animals) have been wearing their sleepwear, as well as a few others (think of Kaymee - it just reinforces her childish look for the day, complete with a teddy bear), and they're asking me why I didn't show up. (Further isolation, I know.) We got out midterm grades and I got a 3.0. Sir Delupio's announcement that there would be no second long exam, since he might not get to check them due to his studying load, was greeted with much happiness. Think about it.

Happy birthday to Sudoy, and sorry for not having a surprise like you requested yesterday!

Now, for me to find out if my name would be mentioned tomorrow, but I think I mumbled that little request to Joey earlier, and he might have not caught it.

And your responses...

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