Seriously, the way you smile right now just makes me fall

I seriously expected to get a lot of photos taken for today. Instead I got only seven, and to be honest I am disappointed. But it isn't really the story of the day.

Today's our pre-confirmation recollection - yes, one of the things me, Jackie and Ale have got to go to - and although it started around ten minutes late (at least, it began just ten minutes late), it was something discreet yet profound. Certainly what I needed. The stuff Sir Levi said was something I wouldn't have thought before, and it surely did help me in my spiritual development. (Now I realize I shouldn't be ashamed at talking about these things.)

Which means we were back at the L'Hermitage, place of the too-memorable Saliksik recollection three weeks back, and now with twenty less blockmates (actually, forty less, but seventeen more students) in two less hours, with everyone winning. (I took the cue from Les on this one.)

After the recollection (and after a photo with Jill, which made me look like a horror movie character - and if you were wondering, we still had to buy our own lunches), off we went to the PGP Chapel for a mass and another confession with the priest. It's amazing, if not tear-jerking, to see Jackie get confession for the first time (and seriously, I couldn't get prouder, for no apparent reason). Being with each other in a milestone of our lives surely is touching.

Funnily though, when the priest ended the mass with a song (the ones that go may God bless you and all that), it began to rain real hard. No offense, but I take it as amazing as well.

So, that's the entire day. Really unusual (except for us not going to CWTS class, and now I have to catch up considering I sent a long reminder two nights ago just to make the project proposal work, and we have to go back to Barangay Tagumpay next week), but still amazing and fun.

I saw Sister Pinky today, and she wondered how many from her classes actually applied for confirmation. It seems only the three of us did. I also saw Miss Bernie today, and I have a picture of her and Jackie as she went home. And I realized that as of thirty minutes ago I passed by Ale again and she wasn't yet going home.

Obviously Clarence's latest post prevented me from posting what I should've posted today. But then again, why should I?

And your responses...

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