So it's cherries and cream tomorrow?

Pressure has somehow taken the worst of me.

As New York-bound Chris Moyles obliges and plays me Somewhere Only We Know, complete with the occasional connection interruption, I reflect back at the day and think I've had too much stress to wish a longer vacation. That, considering our Christmas vacation (or, as some Westerners put it, holidays) won't seem to be that long, and we've got a lot to chase with. the first draft for English 2 is due tomorrow, and our oral defense for History 1 has been extended yet again. I've got to deal with the pressure yet again, for a much longer time. And I don't seem to like it.

Today our International Studies quiz took a different turn and we got to do the essay part in advance. Somehow the identification part of the quiz (err, long quiz) never got printed, so we had to settle with two essays worth twenty-five points each. Lucky me still had the chance to study for that quiz (but not one of Rizal's articles we had to read for the next class) and sensed I answered the thing pretty well. To think na nabati pa ako about the quiz previously, first by Y2K as she answered our survey, and just today from Jenn. And then we had a different teacher as Sir Marasigan had to attend an emergency department meeting. Nawindang ang mga latecomers.

Then me and Ian went to the TeamComm seminar featuring Howie Severino, and we did get something for the research paper we were rushing ever-so-badly. Now I know why not everybody minds when the documentaries and serious news programs get shown at somewhere past midnight. And we di learn a lot more things, stuff which we would probably learn later in our college life. We're a bit ahead, maybe.

Then that other quiz, just when I was folding badly over pressure, I get intimidated. When I realize the values of a study group, I feel bad about not having one. Muntikan ko nang hindi kausapin ang mga madalas ko nang kausapin ngayon. Good thing something grabbed me from behind.

And now, I don't know what else to do.

I'll then wreck my points of view and think about stuff again. I realized we're left with twenty-two days with the block together. We've got less than two weeks of regular classes. If the plan of a block getaway, probably somewhere in Taft Avenue, takes off, I would be very happy. Not that I haven't got much anything to do, but now that I somehow took my head off overthinking about the block's imminent parting ways, I could get down to working.

I took a lot of pictures today, and for the first time somebody overtook Jason's dominance of the digital camera. I counted, and I congratulate Jill. (Grinning weirdly this time.) As weird things continue to happen, and I silently get overwhelmed, I simply shrug it off and take them as they are. Or, at least I try my hardest to do so.

Oh yes, I find myself thinking about you again.

And your responses...

Time flies really fast. Grabe, kahit ako hindi ko napansin. Sayang I didn't get to watch Howie Severino kanina. I totally forgot. I was too excited to go home kasi! haha. Sayang nga lang kasi documentaries are shown really late, hindi ko na napapanood. Bakit nga ba late?

And oh. Na-shock talaga ako sa coverage ng quiz niyo sa INSTUDI.

Good thing you're done with the interviews for ENGLTWO! :)

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