Still got twenty-four hours

Rather, five weeks. As me and Huey thought, we've got to make the most out of the remaining time.

In between Robyn still not returning my Zen Micro - I should have remembered she is pretty forgetful - and Joy's eighteenth birthday, I was in the middle of depression and happiness. I tried my best to keep my head up, but I can't imagine the fact that I'll be alone all over again. So Huey had this little brightspark that somehow made me smile. What if, he said, most of the class who were disengaged off English 3 slots get in the same class, albeit in some other college, next Thursday?

But impossibility still works. It's me again, the person who keeps things at a freakishly negative low.

I got a 71% in my third Algebra quiz, which isn't bad. At least I'm now at 1.5 (still), and obviously on my way up, until I decide to make things work worse. I don't feel well right now. I was thinking of too many things. Who would I end up hugging?

Change your definition of closeness. It's time to reassess.

It was Joy's birthday, and the whole class was practically held hostage by the prospect of a surprise. And, obviously (but, as Vic McGlynn said, who needs a reason?) Cuyeg came in with three small cakes and a big bouquet of flowers. And, for the first time in my life, I ate cake with my bare hands, but it wasn't as messy as when Caresse had that huge strawberry cake (from Japan? That's what I heard). There we were, having fun again. Grabbing each other some way, with the usual hugs and friendly kisses the block has thrown at each other for months. Then, a thought bubble.

This is almost going to end. I won't know anybody anymore.

Clarence just sent me a testimonial, and then more thoughts run into my head. I don't know why I can't stop being sentimental over all of this. But, as Jackie said, we do have to adjust. It's gotta happen. In three years we'll be alone again, the moment we step off the PICC, holding the diploma we're working hard for. And when we do, it's back to square one.

We've gotta train for that square one.

Between me and Clarence just now, right before she logged off:
Clarence Arreza: san ka ba ngayon?
Henrik Batallones: speedbytes, kau?
Clarence Arreza: nitro
Clarence Arreza: ahahaha
Henrik Batallones: again (di ko na naman alam kung san yan)
Henrik Batallones: dapat pala sumama ako sa inyo!
Clarence Arreza: sa tabi to ng yellowcab
Henrik Batallones: ahh
Henrik Batallones: maglilinot na talaga ako
Henrik Batallones: wala na nga lang kasama
Henrik Batallones: waaaaaah
Clarence Arreza: libot?
Clarence Arreza: ahahahahhahahaha
Clarence Arreza: oki lang yan
Henrik Batallones: oo nga, libot

I'm gonna miss a lot of things in the coming days. Whatever that is, I'm too lazy to tabulate yet.

Happy birthday to Joy, and somehow I am overwhelmed with what just happened. (Weirdly, even if Cuyeg joked and pretended it's going to be us.)

I'm too blanked up to think of flowcharts, classes and crushes at the same time.

And your responses...

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