Stranded on the same ground

Me and Kitchie Nadal, together in the same photo. Seems impossible, right?

As much as I wanted to have this photo zoomed in further, I can't, because Jana had the camera at this time, and Kitchie is rushing for her next class. So we seem like celebrity freaks, but still... think about it. Image hosted by Photobucket

Think again.

So welcome to my art project. How many photos can you take in around five hours with a camera that's half-charged and a subconsciously-planted intention to do things you've never done before? (Well, that part isn't true. I've just got nothing to say.) In my case, thirty-one photos of nothing but applied lessons in Art Appreciation, utterly random camwhorage, and anything else that strikes my fancy. This is the best photo opportunity I've ever done, regardless of the celebrity. (More here, obviously.)

We'll start off with shots from before International studies class:

What could Jason be thinking at this very moment? I wonder, with gleaming eyes. Well, without that. Image hosted by Photobucket

If I had a video camera, I would have done a sweeping shot and Malia could be rushing towards me and doing whatever she intended to do. Or, I could be content with the Ken Burns effect. Image hosted by Photobucket

After that came International Studies class, and us watching that film I mentioned two posts back:

I intended this photo to be a really candid one, but it seems I got too obvious. I'd be lying if I still said this is candid. Look closely at Sars and Sir Marasigan. Image hosted by Photobucket

Then, before Algebra class (err, the calm before the storm, since we've got another quiz coming up on Monday), we basically did nothing but talk, talk, and talk some more:

Icka said the previous image showed her as some sleepy girl, so I took this shot of her. The only catch is, I was behind her. Anyway, it still looks funnily great. Image hosted by Photobucket

Oooh, another one of those shots I learned from Art Appreciation class. This was when I realized we'll be enrolling like the upperclassmen. I relied too much on things, it seems. Image hosted by Photobucket

And finally, those random shots that just seem too great to pass:

I just realized that, first, this is a really powerful shot, and two, I unintentionally made Jaja look fat. Sorry then! Image hosted by Photobucket

For some reason, Lau, Cor and Nico pulling each other. He didn't want to be taken, but naughty me still did. Image hosted by Photobucket

If you remember that pic from a few weeks back, Lau got lucky and her arm showed. This time, she got a little bit luckier and got her face on cam. She's got to do some more chasing, though. Image hosted by Photobucket

This isn't a special mention for Jana. Look to the left, and try to find out who's there. Image hosted by Photobucket

A rising trend, at least among the party animals, are bangs. Too sad Ariane isn't here along with Kizia, who complained of getting a slight headache due to the new hairdo. And Nico? He's done enough photos. Too much (but still appreciated). Image hosted by Photobucket

Phew. That was a lot.

Today I went to the PNPRS lecture at the Yuchengco building, not the William Shaw Theater as once stated, and we listened to this little (hour-long, actually) talk on why philosophy still applies. I ended up thinking too much again. Professor Mariano, the speaker, was right - we think a lot more when we are alone, at least in thought (in my case). As everyone either fell disinterested or asleep (I know some of my blockmates who did), I was pretty much wide awake, absorbing everything until it was finished, like poof, it was done. That was my only aim for getting to school today.

Before that, Dian was texting me a collection of quotes, which brought me through what could have been a bad day. I commuted by myself for a longer route to DLSU, since I have the house to myself for the weekend. (The family is at Subic, and I opted out because of supposed studies.) Thanks, still.

Then, within the space of contemplation and everything else, I had a million thought bubbles up in my head. Maybe the most important one went like this.

Why did I think of such things in the first place? Now I realize there isn't...

Oh no, Niko, it's the same old same old stuff you've already thought of before. Haven't you got anything else to think of? (Laugh, then, laugh...)

So, still, as the other things end up giving, this is what I feel right now:

Malia and Nico in something I couldn't explain as well. Image hosted by Photobucket

This is a huge special mention I just gave away.

And your responses...

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