Things you're not supposed to understand

There are just some things you're not supposed to react to. But, when things get so squeezed, you can't help but talk about it.

I remember our enrollment for the first term, back when everybody was still clueless about what we would face in college. I was falling in line and somehow chanced about what's written on the application form of the guy in front of me. He was running the papers of her daughter, apparently someone named Katrina, taking the same course as I am. Then, with my brightsparks, I almost decided to dedicate a post to that specific person, regardless of whether I actually know who that was. I was supposed to write about my anxieties in that new stage of my life.

Now that I recalled everything, I realize that girl was Kaymee.

In between trying to understand things, you end up getting surprised at what you read, or find out for that matter. For starters I don't get the entire fuss with the fourth Harry Potter movie. I've watched it today (and, sadly, no one from those who went to Gateway from Barangay Tagumpay got to) and thought it was just okay. Nothing really spectacular. Yet the cinemas are all full, and I had to settle to those tickets without guaranteed seats.

Last night I went blog-hopping and chanced upon both Kizia's and Ale's blogs. For some reason - without me realizing it - I got indirectly affected by both entries. Or is it that I've gone a bit sentimental in the past weeks? I mean, I'm not referring to anything in particular, but maybe it's just the fact that words sometimes entangle me the way mine entangles everybody else.

One thing from both blogs: humbleness. Puwede mong kapalan ang mukha mo pero hindi dapat palagi.

Recently me and Clarence have been exchanging "I love you" messages, although just for fun (and me risking my family thinking otherwise), during what have become our more frequent chats. And then to myself, I thought, I must be slowly devolving. Still I took it as a positive sign and didn't mind. I even end up laughing at disbelief over the things I have said. But it's simply a sign of better things to come.

This direct to her: I'm happy that you're finally happy. (It's me grinning profusely again.)

I still have to work with a lot more things for this week: stuff for Philosophy, plus the oral defense for (what I've renamed as) History 1 class I still can't get to work to with Joy and Loui. Last night I almost never got to sleep. Tonight probably I will, and then the countdown begins.

Five weeks. And John was right, because it doesn't really apply to everybody. John, Icka, Kaymee and the others would be sorely missed.

But it's too early for drama right? Or is it the day-old chick I just ate?

Well then, since this post doesn't make sense anyway - but, then again, it serves wonders for me since I've made additional release of whatever that is I had Clarence guessing about last night. But, if I tell her, that would mean five people. Then again, Tracy said (and I share this belief), she already knows, and you don't have to care.

I've got to smile, for you still are sane and are simply counting down the days to the time when the plug gets pulled off. For now, then, it's time to work.

And your responses...

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