Thoughtfully sleepless

For the nth time, Kizia has got me thinking.
on 10 November 2005 from Kizia:
why are boys so complicated?! kakainis pag torpe. nkakainis rin pag madali silang ma-intimidate sa personality ng girl.
Why do you always get me thinking? Just wondering...

I wasn't at Eng Night, but currently I'm chatting with Ariane and she says it's been fun. Jaja, however, got disappointed at Hale. I, on the other hand, haven't got anything to respond.

For the three of us online at one in the morning, then, good morning. Later, I've got a PNPRS lecture (finally) to attend, and a lot of photos to upload. And yes, Ariane. I'm going to sleep now.

Goodnight, then - err, good morning - and I'll see you... later.

And your responses...

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