The valedictorian flies home

This is another whatnot post, because admittedly I'm rushing to do some stuff and yet I decided to blog.

These photos and more on Fifth Year Holler. Four of the six (not seven). Think about it.

Another random shot for the sakes of the 'potential photography major' of Jackie, Ale and Lei working on what we would burn later. Image hosted by Photobucket

Jino and Nico as I walked for lunch. I ended up taking this instead. Image hosted by Photobucket

My new Friendster picture, this time with me and Jill. My eyes are spooky, so please don't look! However, things won't change, I presume. Image hosted by Photobucket

On my way home, me and Jackie met up with Miss Bernie, and this is the result. Image hosted by Photobucket

After endless attempts to make my presence felt, I finally got contact with Dian (and I wonder why I got that desparate, like before with friends I haven't met in a long time). Yes, she is taking up nursing at Our Lady of Fatima University (I personally don't know where that is), and when I checked out her Friendster profile and saw Jason's testimonial, a thought came rushing in to my head.

She is a valedictorian. Think about it. I haven't got anything against her decision, but just think about it.

Yesterday we finally won a volleyball game, and we were (almost) saved by a city-wide power outage. The score, against group 1: 15-25. Unbelievable but true.

Today is Toni's birthday, so happy birthday then! If I ever end up at Yellow Cab again - I doubt it.

I've still got to work on a quiz, a project and a report. I've gotta go, then. Why now?

And your responses...

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