Whatever, major loser

I didn't realize there was such a word as snirtle and, thanks to John, he opened my eyes up a bit. Oh, and the profanity is switched off on your side but switched otherwise on mine. (Remember this post? I could have written the entire line but replaced it instead with asterisks.) Oh, and snigger isn't going to be blocked on CBox, unless you do remove the first letter. In short, you didn't have to put it in asterisks. (Here's me, well, thinking deeply.)

Anyway, the profanity filter in CBox, to the best of my knowledge, requires the premium subscription. Of course poor me couldn't afford it.

I only have one day for a weekend, but additional rushing requires me to not enjoy it. Today we had the International Studies make-up class, with the realization that our long test for Wednesday might as well serve as the final exam due to the sheer depth of coverage, plus the PNPRS lecture which literally made some people sleep. (But, as usual, no names.) So, I wake up at around six and grumble for the fact that I've got to go to school today for quite a longer time than intended.

But the whole thing was fun, still. International Studies class today introduced us to another one of the Marasigan mantras: oiliness is next to ugliness (heard from somewhere else), and a dysfunctional VHS player that keeps on saying use cleaning casette (which accounts to a wonderful learning experience). Some people arrived late and had to settle for seats in the floor (just when we were talking about overpopulation); some, like Ariane, were even worse off and were asked to attend the other make-up class set for the afternoon. She came in late, so she just never got accommodated. It just wasn't us in the classroom, that's why; it was a little taster of things to come, if you know what I mean.

Sir Marasigan, proud to claim that he's still part of the youth (technically, if you're to follow the UN ruling, it's those before 35 years old), attempted to flash the whatever sign but got the rock star slash "I love you" sign in return. Obviously, hilarious laughing. I got the title of this post from Jaja today (and gave it to Jason, to no positive avail)

Then, after eating another bacon cheseburger for lunch, I went to the lecture, and after having another one of those chats with Derek (so here goes your special mention), which was full of our random ramblings in life, the lecture that simply almost had me sleeping. Infer that, and get me, but all I know I'm not putting anyone to shame. I think.

That's my day, then. But that's not the end of my post.

To Malia - of course, I'm not in a position again to give advice, but I think you shouldn't just sulk there and wonder what could have happened if you told that someone about whatever that is. Masyado kang naaapektuhan eh. You're slowly, although invisibly, losing what you are. You can get through this, I know. The circumstances may not be all good, but you're making it all worse then if you continue such! Ano ba naman yan... ganon lang? I know, it is a big deal for you, but there's so much out there. Seriously, so much.

Kaya mo yan. You won't just give up without a fight like you said before, will you?

As for me, I find myself having an almost bad day due to worrying about the small things. Recently I've kept on writing about the impending block split (and here we go again) and then I end up worrying about making things work again. Somehow I realize I feel alone again, but I think now, what the heck - it, again, isn't supposed to be. Maybe I should stop worrying about the little things that somehow, even if they mater, don't add up. Time to learn that lesson for myself.

And my Zen Micro is helplessly broken. Proof: this is everyone's problem.

Today I find myself staring at space and think of things I refuse to think about. I think things aren't deteriorating - they're just, so to speak, moving in weirder ways than before.

Ahh, drama once again. I realized I loved drama too much, with the rain outside and all. It's raining pretty hard lately, just when the sun came out. Ahh, those at ROTC must be soaking wet.

And your responses...

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