Breaking bureaucracy

As I write this, most of my basketball-crazy classmates have gone and watched another one of those Ateneo-La Salle charity games, pitting legend against legend. As for me, I got myself a passport, with no certain destination. As much as I want to get some rest, I still can't get to. Lucky Jackie, probably, is sleeping right now (as I inferred upon answering her Friendster survey).

Face it - there's nothing much of an issue nowadays. Nothing's up, really. I can't start with studying because we keep on getting occupied with more urgent stuff, and even if my hopes of a dean's listing is slowly diminishing (because I surprisingly begin to grow content, despite my efforts against mediocrity), I still try to get a 2.0. The mere thought of a departmentalized finals exam is killing me. Almost all of our final exams - and the hardest ones at that - are squeezed in one day; at least my ride through academic hell begins at 08.00 on Monday with Algebra, then both Chemistry exams until 15.00. But I think I have already said that. Tonight I'll still have to print out the cover I made for our video project, which we'll finally get to watch. Whatever we all did is certainly worth watching. I have heard of silhouettes in Toni's group and Malia flying for that of the Bonobo Society's. (I called them as such! Amazing!)

Which reminds me, tomorrow's our final regular class day for the term, and for the block. I've been acting like we're going to really split up (I literally started a testimonial sweep, and upon thinking of it, I suddenly feel like I acted the way Ian recently did. But somebody already confirmed them, so there's no stopping those plans now.) Dhi, however, brought me back to normal.

"We're still bound to take up the same subjects so chances are... classmates pa rin tayo!"

My only sense of consolation is that, when we end up studying our majors, we'll end up getting the grunt of all the shooting, researching, conceptualizing, and whatever that it that we are bound to be thrown at. So, since we have made connections and are bound to make some more, aren't we supposed to be a bit positive about it?

As much as Dhi would "still be there" to say that I "suck" (which is perfectly normal), I would take it instead.

Since I haven't got much to say, I'll end it here. Ariane is online after ten years (and still no landine connection), Jino is throwing expletives at me after getting amazed at my albu art (which Jason also likes), and I have to work for the next week. We still have a few videos to watch, and a lot of photos to take. That is, if I can bring my camera tomorrow.

And your responses...

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