Comments are better than tags

I've got ridiculously itchy hands today. Last night I attempted to talk with both Clarence and Ariane, with no luck. (I happened to send smileys only, by the way.) Right now I'm chatting with Jason about Oscar nominations and avatars. As for me, I'm getting extremely bored about things.

Thinking about something, Niko? Wish not. It's going to distract the hell out of you again.

I'll attempt to see whether I can push my plan for the blog through on Tuesday. I know Jason would be glad to oblige, but everybody else is a different case.

Jaja just made me tag on her blog thrice. And Lau just went online. Looks like I'm going to spend a lot more than intended.

See? Random thoughts can work much better, especially when you don't want to talk about some things.

And your responses...

This is surprisingly short Niko! ;)Thanks for commenting on my previous posts! Happy holidays! :)

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