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How many hours have I listened to XFM straight today?

In the middle of working for our oral defense due on Monday, I find myself going sentimental again. I don't know - we've got one last week for working with music videos, research papers, quizzes, and grade adjustments. Within that time I've got to make a decent dean's list-worthy recovery for Algebra (since I'm at a very bad 1.5), a good research paper for English 2, and make a good reputation for myself in that music video.

I was taking a lot of photos within the past week, and probably tonight I won't sleep.

I'm currently talking to Jackie, and through the boredom of working too much for school, we keep ourselves company.
Henrik Batallones: alam mo..
Jackie Uy: o...
Henrik Batallones: natutuwa ko..
Henrik Batallones: kasi kinakausap mo ako! hahaha
Jackie Uy: sus! para namang di kita kaibigan noh!
Henrik Batallones: di.. kasi..
Henrik Batallones: naiinip ako dito sa egi..
Henrik Batallones: di pa ako umuuwi eh! haha
Henrik Batallones: (nagsesenti na naman ako)
Jenn has also been keeping me company, doing very much the same thing (oh, both of us are damn stressed from school work).
Henrik Batallones: gusto ko na rin panoorin si maximo oliveros
Jennifer Ngo: hahah.
Jennifer Ngo: ngaun lng ako nkakapanood.
Jennifer Ngo: nung HS super bihira.
Jennifer Ngo: wala kasing kasama
Henrik Batallones: haaaah!
Jennifer Ngo: mom ko nmn mhrap hilain to watch
Henrik Batallones: ako lalo na. never had a social life in high school.
Jennifer Ngo: eh gs2 ko pa naman manuod ng mga movies
Jennifer Ngo: o? bkt nmn?
Henrik Batallones: im such a loser. ngayon lang ako naktikim ng gimik.
Henrik Batallones: official school business pa un. haha
Jennifer Ngo: hahha
Jennifer Ngo: ngaaak
One last week for school, little space for sentiments, and a lot more space for work initiative.

How many hours again? Two hours straight listening to XFM. I better go home and synchronize the seventy-something photos I took since yesterday. But, with that, I'm happy to say I'm leaving the second term happier than expected. Who would have thought?

Thanks still. I'll regain my presence on Monday - if I'm still awake, that is.

And your responses...

1 week to go.
Thank you for reminding me. LOL.
Only 4 more days of seeing them and I think I'll have a happy Christmas! :)

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