Engineered paranoia

It's another wave of last classes, but this time it was not as sentimental as, say, when we had our last English 1 class under Miss Bernie. Or maybe there was this collective effort among the faculty to, for some extraordinary reason, keep it all low-key. It was low-key, or maybe it was because although we liked a few teachers here and there, we haven't endeared ourselves to them like our previous teachers. No one seemed to make such a reputation as, say, Sir Timbreza.

After I overslept (yes, again) in the bus, found myself announcing a drop at United Nations Avenue and took the LRT back to DLSU, I was again with Caresse to talk about that Philosophy paper. I hate to think of the fact that we'll have our Algebra finals, as well as our finals for both Chemistry subjects, on Monday. What's worse, that math test is first up, at eight in the morning. Trying my best to get a 2.0 (at least) and stay in the dean's list (because, truthfully, it's going to hurt me if everybody stays behind), I somehow grinded my way through my thoughts and got a bit bothered. We haven't finished much of a question, however, after trying to figure out whether taking a leap of faith is courageous in itself.

Then, Chemistry class, and the perfect way to get around the quiz ban the school usually implements a week before finals week: a seatwork, pretty much equivalent to the same thing some of my blockmates (including me) wished didn't happen. Three essay questions on the debates (well, one of them) plus one on sex drugs that took me from behind. Almost clueless, but grateful for that Anthropology report on anything and everything sex (if anybody remembers the incense we burned in the room), I found my way around it. Stock knowledge, I know.

In the break before English 2 class, I found myself having lunch (or should we call it lunch?) with Cuyeg, Kim and Lau. As I got another sugar high and began clinging on to Lau like my life depended on her, we went up the stairs and, when she dropped her wallet, I literally took a dive for it. Question then: how do you dive when you're almost in the end of the stairs? You cannot dive upwards, for the heck of it! My knees literally hurt, and we were all laughing. Thankfully, my knees don't hurt that much anymore.

English 2 class was not that spectacular either. Not everybody received their first drafts yet (including us) due to a lack of time, and we were shown the most common mistakes we did. Then it was noisy again. Miss Ara left the classroom without anybody, probably, even caring. (That's because some decided to take the last fifteen minutes out, upon realizing they haven't got much questions to ask, or anything to do for that matter.)

Then, the final Philosophy class, with the little why do we have to end now? thought. After three reports (and Sudoy funnily blocking the OHP just when he is about to report), we just closed the class with a deadline extension (for the aforementioned final paper) and a little "kailangan nating maghiwa-hiwalay" statement. And, as expected, the trying-hard-to-be-sweet statements that go along with it. Then, as Sir Lualhati left, people just rushed out and began to talk to him. Next term, I think, I'm the only one extending the philosophical lessons. Kawawa naman ako. Walang kasama.

So, that's it. Nothing really sentimental, expect probably answering Clarence's survey in Friendster about the block, which led me to think about some more things. And, probably, me finally seeing a young Martin as RPN closed down for the night, with his participation in a Marian prayer when he was still at the Ateneo. Just when I thought I wouldn't see him, I did. Can't believe I know another guy from the telly, like almost every party animal in the block.

Face it, this week is the calm before the really tedious storm. There's no more peace after this.

Okay, I just haven't found the right way to end this post.

And your responses...

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