Twenty minutes spent just sitting in front of the PC, waiting for Blogger to let me type in this update. I now know how it feels to have a dial-up connection that's half-as-slow as what we have at home.

Admittedly, it's been very boring the past few days. After getting past the course cards and the trip home, which was pretty long, I still haven't slept at a time before midnight. I find myself just staying up and staring at blank space, while flipping through ten radio stations with frustation because, as some have already said, they keep on playing the same set of songs. Just when I'm itching to hear some Arctic Monkeys I don't get any.

Trust me, it's been boring.

Last night, I was pretty surprised when Ale went online. Just five months before that, I buzed her to eternity (for our Anthropology project) until I found out from Lau that she doesn't go online. And then there I was, snatching a photo from Caresse's Multiply site, and finding myself chatting with her. Well, I think the only thing that got stuck in my head about that was the many times we both said wala lang on that chat. Oh, and we've talked about some other things, only that I decided not to elaborate. (Think of me scratching my head as to whether I should have written that last sentence in.)

I was supposed to tell her something in this post, but the slow connection has got me reassessing again. Anyway...

I also realized I was dwelling too much on the block split I totally forgot to think about what I would write for Christmas (which I am doing now). After having read some Christmas posts (from Kizia and Martin, for example), I think I should write down mine as well. Okay, nainggit na naman ako.

I don't feel the Christmas rush coming in. Or is it because I've grown up already?

Aside from the CDs I could buy with the Christmas money I'll be getting from my godparents (most of them, however, have migrated to other countries, so imagine that), and the food I would eat (obviously, I enjoy eating), there's something that seems missing from all of this fuss. The excitement, I know. Maybe all that I did to feel the coming holidays was watch South Park Christmas specials and get a cold. But despite all of the negative stuff we've been thrown at, it still seems amazing that we find time to look back and have fun for Christmas. Just once, despite the advertisements and promotions.

Although I wouldn't enjoy carolling outside anymore, much as Ariane is doing right now. Like I ever did.

Well, that's basically it. It's hard to blog in a slow PC (I haven't reiterated it enough, I know). It's time to gaze upon the many, in the words of Conan o'Brien, "seasonal monochromatic ornamented cone-shaped displays" adorning every home in the country (well, most of them). And, I've got to wonder whether those group messages are harassing some of my blockmates (that was, well, a random thought).

I've also got to work on my new layout, and uploading those photos from Tuesday. I haven't got time to celebrate, what more with these?

To you, who might be reading this: I love you.

I love you all. Happy holidays, everyone.

And your responses...

Yessssssss. It's vverrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyy boring!!!
Nakakainis kasi you have all the time to sleep, tapos hindi pa rin nagaadjust body mo. Minsan I sleep in the morning na rin. Hindi ako makatulog. Argh.

Hindi ko rin feel ang spirit ng Christmas. I...don't know. Parang ibang-iba talaga this year.. :(

Anyhoo, merry christmas! :)

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